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  • Scribe: Ksenia
  • Chair: Honza

Top 100 websites testing (SV)

QA has put up a list of over 100 websites based on 4 external sources (CrUX, Tranco, SimilarWeb and Bocoup), and also took several websites from another QA team from Mozilla that tests websites compatibility. The sad part is that the lists are quite different, as in one list a website can be found in top 20 but on other is on 70+.

  • In the 1st sheet we have marked all the included websites with green.
  • In the 2nd sheet we have the actual top split in categories.

Now, we need your help to:

  • Review the list to make sure that we haven't missed any important websites that we should test
  • Reduce the number to 100 as we couldn't decide what to leave out
    • Should we include Chinese websites? Do we have enough users for testing to make sense?
  • Would Windows and Android sufice for coverage, or we should also test macOS and Linux?
  • Rank what categories are the most important ones, so we can focus first on those
  • Decide if Credential Manager is something that we want to test along the general tests for webcompat.


  • Honza: What is the number of websites?
  • Paul: 113, we need to reduce it. The next step is to look at the sites that are tested by the desktop team and exclude those from our list. The plan was two cover 2-3 platforms, not sure we can do 4 in one quarter. Any ideas what we can reduce? Maybe Productivity column.
  • James: Some sites will be harder than others
  • Paul: We're not planning to go really deep, maybe the UI, creation of the account, videos and audio.
  • Raul: We can do general testing, page loading and for each category we can do specific testing, i.e. for social media would be testing posting, for entertainment category we can test playing videos
  • Paul: Any ideas which platforms we need?
  • James: We'll get the most value from testing Windows and Android. I wonder if there will be some strategy, like test everything on Windows and Android and then test video sites on other platforms.
  • Honza: For frequency, I think we're planning to do twice a year.
  • Paul: Wonder if there any mandatory categories?
  • Dennis: The problem is that a lot of these sites have subdomains, not sure how we'd know the full list.
  • Honza: Do we want to test all subdomains or test different ones every time.
  • Paul: If we learn about new ones, yes we can test them all.
  • Honza: The list looks good to me.
  • Paul: We'll try to reduce the list maybe by reducing productivity and we'll share it with the dekstop team.