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  • Scribe: Ksenia
  • Chair: James

Interop 2024 [jgraham]

Call for proposals starting 14th September. If we have compat bugs we think should be interop focus areas, we should start to collect them.

  • James: We could make the focus to be webcompat again if there're things related to webcompat, we should propose them. Are there specific things tha we know about, like a large number of small issues, especially in other browsers.
  • Tom: Editing and css zoom are probably going to be considered again
  • James: for zoom, the spec is still ongoing and it might be too early
  • Tom: could the focus be investigation?
  • James: If it's research, then it makes sense. But if it's only a spec work then probably not
  • Dennis: zoom is a weird edge case because we're going to standardize it under a different name
  • Tom: There are some issues related to Intersection observers, DOM mutation events
  • James: Mutation events would be an investigation, rather than a focus area. I think we should have a clear plan of what of what we expect to get out of this investigation. We should talk to Simon and see what he thinks
  • Honza: I put this on the agenda for a meeting Maire. She wants to collect a list of tests that are not going to get fixed for various reasons, or with unclear spec.
  • Tom: maybe also script and iframe loading, microtask heuristics (to try to figure out race conditions which trigger less on Chrome because sites target their implementation and test less on others)
  • James: I think if we want webcompat focus area, we need to have a list of issues and known bugs

KB Lightning Talk [Dennis, but async]

Make sure to read the message in the KB channel when you feel awake!