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  • Scribe: Tom
  • Chair: Raul

Triaging Issue Reports from Illegal Sites (Honza)

  • Honza: these are typically adult sites. We've ignored them in the past (if it's broken, we don't really do anything). Raul asked if we could improve bugbug to remove them from the queue automatically, or do that manually? We basically just not share links to those bugs in public places (Slack/etc), as even that much can be illegal in some jurisdictions. At most maybe we're interested in collecting statistics about them? (How many are reported).
  • Ksenia: right now we just label nsfw sites as such, so we have an incomplete list of them. We keep finding ones that aren't in the list, so yes we could probably use bugbug or another way to improve things. Did we want to start doing that right away, or wait until we're on our new bug system.
  • Honza: good question, we can probably keep doing what we're doing for now (manually closing them/not dealing with them). Maybe we should build something in the new system.
  • Ksenia: we should try to do better. What if we get a lot of reports, for a popular adult site for instance? It could affect a lot of users.
  • Honza: my feeling is that we should continue to just ignore it, but we should be able to consider it on a case-by-case basis. It's something we'll need to figure out. We really just don't want anyone to make anyone at Mozilla to risk opening the sites.
  • Ksenia: I was planning on a classifier for spam, so adult might be built like that.
  • Honza: right, there may be other cases as well like that, so it's good to keep that in mind.
  • Honza: for now, how should Raul and Calin close those sites?
  • Calin: do we respond at all to reports, or just close them?
  • Honza: just close them.
  • Calin: even if a reply is requested?
  • Honza: yes, for now.
  • Ksenia: for now we could add a bot to automatically close bugs marked as nsfw, even if it misses some of them.
  • Raul: we can catch those manually, label them, and let you know on a private Slack so they can be added to a list.
  • Tom: maybe if it's easy, a bot might look for the closed nsfw bugs each day or whatever to add them to the list without Slack.
  • Ksenia: sure, that works.
  • Ksenia: we'll need this list to validate any new system we come up with anyhow.
  • Raul: we'll also remove such sites from our top 100 list (we had 5 or 10 like that).
  • Raul: we'll also draft some kind of canned message for a response for bugs we've closed like this.

Issues submitted in Operating Systems that are in Beta version (SV)

As a follow-up from a previous discussion regarding this topic, should we keep an eye on this kind of issues where the reporter states that are reproducible in a Beta Operating System (.e.g Android 14), for when the official version of the OS is released, so that we can re-test them?

  • Tom: I think it's important to know if there are potential issues on upcoming betas, even if we can't diagnose them ourselves. We could just add a label for these and revisit once it's possible to reproducible, or at least send them to Bugzilla if they seem to be important.
  • Raul: if we can't test it ourselves, should we move it to needsdiagnosis?
  • Tom: yeah, and the diagnosis team can figure out what we can as usual, and send it to Bugzilla as needed. How many of these do you see?
  • Raul: we've seen 5 or 10 of them
  • Tom: then this approach sounds reasonable for now to me, let's do it
  • Raul: we use Android Studio beta emulators when available, so maybe that will help diagnosing?
  • Tom: yes, and even if we can't diagnose ourselves on the compat team for whatever reason, sending to bugzilla should help. There is bound to be someone on mobile/desktop teams who has access to insider beta builds for each OS.