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Mobile Web Compatibility Dec 6, 2012 Minutes


  • (cheilmann) to reach out to SASS and LESS about prefixless animation and transition
    • Christian to reach out to them by Firefox 16
    • Jean-Yves: I've asked him today, not yet done. I will push again on this one
  • [20121101](lmandel) follow-up with WURFL
    • [20121127] (lmandel) I have spoken with the WURFL dev. I am collecting data to send as as suggested WURFL update.
  • (jjensen) to try to build list of WebKit-specific DOM/Javascript properties and see how commonly used they are in mobile web pages
  • [HOLD] (jsmith) Follow up on thread with Paxton and Chris
    • (jsmith) I'm going to wait until we get an initial analysis. See below for more information.
  • [HOLD] (ali) contact a ReMo partner (Pierros?) to join the meeting and be the contact for outreach via Reps.
  • [HOLD] (tchung) investigate the quality of apps on b2g
    • (jsmith) It might be worth getting the list of URLs for the apps, put them through the screenshot script, then continue the discussion with Chris on risks we've noticed.
  • [20121025] (lmandel) list of URLs for each app
    • [20121108] (lmandel) I e-mailed requesting the list. Waiting on response.
  • [20121101] (lmandel & jsmith) Followup with Chris Lee on Target Goals for Compat
    • [20121108] (lmandel) Started the conversation. Don't have an answer yet.
  • [20121101] (lukas) start thread to get a B2G Test event on web compat - 2 weeks away?
  • [DONE] [20121115] (lmandel) check in with Clint if we can get a spade testrun done, so TE team can do some analysis
    • [20121206] (lmandel) Spade is developing very slowly at this point. We shouldn't block on any Spade tests until the A-Team finds a full time owner for this tool.
  • [20121129] (jsmith) Followup with jcarpenter about UX team bug filing for preloaded apps focus

Gecko Specific Issues

  • aaronmt ran a screenshot comparison of Alexa top 100 BR domains (NSFW)
  • 43 domains of Alexa top 100 BR candidates for UA whitelist. Need to verify that the sites are functional.
    • Thoughts on using this approach to prioritize site evangelism? i.e. Tackle low hanging fruit first?
  • aaronmt will run additional top 100 domain tests for other locales