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Mobile Web Compatibility Dec 20, 2012 Minutes


  • (cheilmann) to reach out to SASS and LESS about prefixless animation and transition
    • Christian to reach out to them by Firefox 16
    • Jean-Yves: I've asked him today, not yet done. I will push again on this one
  • [20121101](lmandel) follow-up with WURFL
    • [20121127] (lmandel) I have spoken with the WURFL dev. I am collecting data to send as as suggested WURFL update.
    • [20121220] (lmandel) I have one outstanding item that I need info on, will take educated guesses for the rest.
  • (jjensen) to try to build list of WebKit-specific DOM/Javascript properties and see how commonly used they are in mobile web pages
  • [HOLD] (jsmith) Follow up on thread with Paxton and Chris
    • (jsmith) I'm going to wait until we get an initial analysis. See below for more information.
  • [HOLD] (ali) contact a ReMo partner (Pierros?) to join the meeting and be the contact for outreach via Reps.
  • [HOLD] (tchung) investigate the quality of apps on b2g
    • (jsmith) It might be worth getting the list of URLs for the apps, put them through the screenshot script, then continue the discussion with Chris on risks we've noticed.
  • [20121025] (lmandel) list of URLs for each app
    • [20121108] (lmandel) I e-mailed requesting the list. Waiting on response.
  • [DONE] [20121101] (lmandel & jsmith) Followup with Chris Lee on Target Goals for Compat
    • [20121108] (lmandel) Started the conversation. Don't have an answer yet.
    • [20121220] (lmandel) This is on jjensen and me at this point. We'll have to use cruder measures due to lack of data. Initial target is top 100 sites for each target locale. Will discuss more general goal with jjensen.
  • [DONE] [20121101] (lukas) start thread to get a B2G Test event on web compat - 2 weeks away?
    • [20121220] (lmandel) We discussed the need to be very clear about what we want to get out of this type of event and how we will engage people. Marking this as done with the intention of coming back to this at a future date.
  • [20121129] (jsmith) Followup with jcarpenter about UX team bug filing for preloaded apps focus

Site Testing, Evangelism & Communication Status

  • lmandel provided an update on screenshot comparisons
  • WURFL updates almost complete
  • Next steps with BrightCove, business justification, investigate whether we can provide a fix in our platform
  • Still speaking with Vimeo

Gecko Specific Issues

  • Gerv has decided that "Tablet" be dropped from Fennec's UA on tablets -
    • Alex questions if this will regress tablet sites and asks for data
    • Gerv says we have no data
  • Review of next steps in Webkit aliasing analysis

Other Issues (tools, general, ...)

  • Script to add a domain specific UA override to B2G
  • Spade hiring update
  • Issues with screenshot comparison tool
    • Some sites don't render with all UAs
    • Some screenshots shown for one domain are clearly for another
    • Only renders with Webkit
    • Renders very large content - makes page slow to load and difficult to work with
    • alert dialogs ("check out our android app") kill focus
  • Next meeting is January 17

New Action Items

  • (lmandel) add a bug for Poland UA override