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Mobile Web Compatibility - 2013-03-04 Minutes

Tracked Actions

  • [DONE] [lmandel] Followup with WURFL
    • [lmandel] Will get this out this week
    • [lmandel] Suggested updates sent.
  • [ON TRACK] [janet] Contact a ReMo partner to [(optionally) join the meeting and ] be the contact for Rep outreach
    • [lmandel] Janet exhanged e-mail with Vishy about this. In process.
  • [DROPPED] [lmandel, vishy] Work with YouTube to get them to dish out HTML 5 content
    • [lmandel] Have information from Fennec and B2G teams, Vishy and I will speak with YouTube (make sure Lisa is in sync here) - Vishy will follow up with kward
    • Dropped since we found out we don't support embedded h264 content in v1
  • [DONE] [lmandel] Speak with Lisa Brewster and Thomas Elin about getting access to app contacts
    • [lmandel] There is no list of contacts. Contacts are listed in Salesforce. Thomas Elin will provide any needed contact on demand via e-mail.
  • [DONE] [lmandel] Email publicly (dev-platform?) the bug query for uaoverrides to get outreach support for top sites on b2g
  • [DONE] [AaronMT] Verify bug 793216 no longer reproduces

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