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Mobile Web Compatibility - 2013-03-25 Minutes

Tracked Actions

  • [vishy] Contact a ReMo partner to [(optionally) join the meeting and ] be the contact for Rep outreach
    • [lmandel] Vishy is working on a survey for ReMo reps.
  • [ON TRACK] [lmandel] Create patch for UA overrides for Alexa top 100 site data for Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, and Serbia
    • [lmandel] Site lists sent to aaronmt to run through screenshot tool
    • [aaronmt] Site run complete, back to lmandel for short list creation

Site Testing, Evangelism & Communication Status

  • Globo and TechTudo (sister companies) have confirmed that they will fix their UA detection to recognize Firefox OS
  • Vimeo is working in Firefox for Android and Firefox OS (bug 719694) - thanks to aaronmt for verifying
  • Facebook friends list looks abnormal (bug 854313)

Gecko Specific Issues

  • h.264 video playback reenabled in Firefox OS browser (bug 803471)
  • Implement <input type='file'> on B2G (bug 832923) landing on B2G 1.1

Other Issues (tools, general, ...)

  • IE11 UA to request Firefox content
  • Update on Vendor/Model UA request by partners on status
  • Interviewing web compat engineer candidate? maybe some tips on what to look for
  • Unofficial hire for "core platform QA" from Opera, expressed interest in this initiative
  • Seeing github activity from Mauro Doglio on Spade. Anyone have an update on the tool?
    • A-Team has hired a full time engineer to work on Spade. lmandel will follow up with Clint about progress.

New Action Items

  • [lmandel] send Tony a list of sites that we want Qanalyst to retest against B2G (Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, and Serbia)
  • [lmandel] Meet & Greet Mauro and invite him to this meeting if he's available
  • [tony] Create a etherpad for interview questions for web compat engineer