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Mobile Web Compatibility - 2013-04-01 Minutes

Tracked Actions

  • [DONE] [vishy] Contact a ReMo partner to [(optionally) join the meeting and ] be the contact for Rep outreach
  • [lmandel] Create patch for UA overrides for Alexa top 100 site data for Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, and Serbia
    • [ON TRACK] [lmandel] send Tony a list of sites that we want Qanalyst to retest against B2G (Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, and Serbia)
  • [DONE] [lmandel] Meet & Greet Mauro and invite him to this meeting if he's available
    • [lmandel] I send Mauro an e-mail to invite him to this meeting or set up a one off at a better time so that we can catch up on Spade. Will let you all know when I hear back.
  • [DONE] [tony] Create a etherpad for interview questions for web compat engineer

Site Testing, Evangelism & Communication Status

  • Twitter doesn't support image uploads anymore (bug 855969)
    • Web Activities vs. input = file support - made change to support B2G that broke Fennec, we need a clear story on how to work with both platforms (ie. feature detection for input=file)
  • and recognize B2G UAs (bug 828430 & bug 828437) - thanks to Leonard Camacho for the site outreach
  • Google Maps is making use of webkit-box-sizing (bug 850827), this is a low priority issue
  • Staples site not compatible on Fx OS (bug 853035)
  • Wikipedia "app" having search history problems (bug 853713)
    • Is this Firefox specific?
  • does not load on Fx Mobile (bug 855256)
  • does not recognize B2G UA (bug 855450)
  • yfrog's floating div is unpannable and blocks site usage (bug 855777)

Gecko Specific Issues

  • Opera handles UA overrides and in product site fixes via BrowserJS:
  • We need to pick a UA string for Fennec on Ouya (bug 856699). Use existing desktop or mobile? Do we need a new token for the tv/large screen form factor?
  • Regression due to awesomebar hiding: IMDB search field hidden behind awesomebar (bug 856497)