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Mobile Web Compatibility - 2013-04-08 Minutes

Tracked Actions

  • [lmandel] Create patch for UA overrides for Alexa top 100 site data for Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, and Serbia
    • [lmandel] Site lists sent to aaronmt to run through screenshot tool
    • [lmandel] send Tony a list of sites that we want Qanalyst to retest against B2G (Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, and Serbia)
    • [lmandel] Sent instructions to Tony (today) on how to review Aaron's screenshot lists.

Site Testing, Evangelism & Communication Status

  • recognizes B2G UA as mobile (bug 828428) - Thanks to Leonard Camacho
  • recognizes B2G UA as mobile (bug 828441) - Thanks to Leonard Camacho
  • does not recognize B2G UA as mobile (bug 856662)
  • does not recognize B2G UA as mobile (bug 856786)
  • lmandel pinged TechCrunch (bug 813365) on Twitter today about site redirection issue

Gecko Specific Issues

  • bug 840928 Transition to a WebKit engine - check out the latest comment from Mike Habicher (good fun)

Other Issues (tools, general, ...)