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Mobile Web Compatibility - 2013-06-03 Minutes

Tracked Actions

  • [DONE] [lmandel] Create patch for UA overrides for Alexa top 100 site data for Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, and Serbia
    • [lmandel] Site list created. Next is the patch.
    • [lmandel] See bug 878657.
  • [DONE] [vishy & lmandel] Discuss use cases with David Bialer on carrier-specific use cases for Marketplace and linking to the web
    • [vishy] Will set up a meeting for tomorrow.
    • [lmandel] Vishy and I need to post the results of this conversation.
  • [jsmith] Follow up on instagram bug 871318
    • [jsmith] Followed up with contact over email, no response. Will try support forum next.
  • [lmandel] Follow-up with Harald about Facebook sign up page bug 870699
    • [lmandel] No action. I'll follow up with Harald to ensure this is on his list.

Site Testing, Evangelism & Communication Status

  • New/recently tested site issues
    • bug 876357 Economist not serving mobile optimized site to Firefox for Android
    • bug 876311 weather map says its incompatible despite loading correctly
    • bug 873385 Facebook Photos rendered in news feed are being rendered in poor quality on a FF OS user agent, but in good quality on a Android user agent
    • bug 876870 New: - Site completely unusable
    • bug 878132 New: Foursquare show desktop site on Firefox OS
    • bug 775919 BBC iPlayer does not detect the Firefox UA
      • This is a good bug for whomever starts in our technical role
    • bug 873682 Unable to share multiple pictures on Twitter from the "Multiple Selection View"
      • This looks like it should be handled by the partner engineering team
  • lmandel submitted a ticket to Flickr about broken mobile lightbox (bug 732355)
    • Issue is reproducible on Firefox desktop using the mobile URL
  • bug 877146 Twitter cards previsualisator webkit only
  • lmandel pinged Google about bug 878269 Google+ renders a desktop site on Firefox OS
  • bug 780821 Donovan actively working with YouTube to get a HTML 5 mobile site with h264 media content for B2G 1.1
  • lmandel spoke with IMDB about recognizing Firefox OS as mobile, should be fixed shortly.

Gecko Specific Issues

  • 3GP playback for YouTube (bug 874277)
    • 3GP already enabled for Firefox OS Leo. Do we need to enable 3GP support in Firefox for Android?bug 878987
    • See bug 876099 re-enable 3gp support for platform details (this affects B2G only)
  • bug 858969 - window.scrollTo() cannot ensure compatibility when dynamic toolbar is enabled
    • Scrollbar issue
  • bug 873900 - Add feature profile string to the minifest URL
    • Requested by Marketplace team. Looks to be building a Firefox OS specific device db.
    • See also bug 873599 Capability/Feature Detection API
  • Should we increment the version in the Firefox OS 1.1 UA? bug 878961

Other Issues (tools, general, ...)

  • Hiring update
  • An article that may be of interest to this group: The art of finding anyone's e-mail address
  • We should discuss Lessons Learned from YouTube Web Compatibility on Firefox OS
    • This seems like good topic for a Firefox OS postmortem. E-mail akeybl about adding it to the agenda.
  • Spade update
    • Mauro has Spade working on an Amazon EC2 instance - should be easy for others to setup an environment
    • Mauro has been mostly pulled off of Space for the short term.