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Mobile Web Compatibility - 2013-06-10 Minutes

Tracked Actions

  • [jsmith] Follow up on instagram bug 871318
    • [jsmith] Followed up with contact over email, no response. Will try support forum next.
  • [DONE] [lmandel] Follow-up with Harald about Facebook sign up page bug 870699
    • [lmandel] Harald now owns this bug.

Site Testing, Evangelism & Communication Status

  • Ooyala's video player is apparently fixed in Firefox for Android (bug 841108)
  • [Vishy] Youtube update.
    • If app passes certification on Firefox OS 1.1 will update UA detection so that we can remove the UA override
    • Vishy will pick up the conversation as to the preferred YouTube approach for Firefox for Android. The Mozilla preferred approach at this time is to kick out to the YouTube app as h.264 playback is not consistently supported across all Android versions.

Gecko Specific Issues

  • The UA override for has been removed! (bug 875183)
  • A couple of UA type issues
    • Add feature profile string to the minifest URL (bug 873900) - Marketplace request
    • Create a capability/feature detection API (or object) (bug 873599) - Marketplace request
    • Need to differentiate user agent for Firefox OS 1.1 from Firefox OS 1.01 (bug 878961) - Facebook request to determine input type=file capability

Other Issues (tools, general, ...)

  • Ctalbert is going to review current Spade status, after which we'll discuss a plan to move forward
  • This meeting will move to every other week until such time as we have enough content to meet weekly.