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Meeting: Mobile Web Compatibility Weekly
Chair: Karl Dubost
Scribe: Mike Taylor
Regrets: Brad Lassey (work week)

Topic: previous meeting, next meeting

Next meeting: The next meeting will be on September 23, 2013

Topic: Web Compatibility Documentation on MDN (kdubost)

There was a discussion about the appropriate place for Web Compatibility Guide.

  • TODO-20130916-01: kdubost make a quick review of the documentation on MDN and see how it should be organized and/or modify to work with Chris about it.
  • karl: Someone was asking me what about the documentation that exists between MDN and the Moz Wiki. 2 things to assess: what kinds of docs are on both sites; to see if the documentation is more "public facing" and up to date (regarding recommendations for testing, etc.). I will partly look into that this week.
  • miketaylr: Do you mean compat docs? Do we have any preference for where this lives?
  • karl: I had the feling that the MozWiki was for people working at Mozilla. I have the feeling that MDN is more for people using the Mozilla products. What's the impression for people who have been here longer than me?
  • lawrence: I'm busy watching YouTube videos, can you repeat?
  • hallvord: I agree, that's been my perception as well.
  • lawrence: that's mostly right, but we put policy documents for B2G partners, etc. But that's mostly correct. Internal vs. non-internal where internal means working on mozilla projects rather than developers in the broader community. I wouldn't worry too much where it lives as long as there's a good flow for people to follow.
  • karl: Let's at least be sure to have the right links between the two places.

Topic: UA override (blassey)

It's done. Finally UA override is independent from the release process of B2G. We need to modify documentation and understand clearly how it is working.

  • Where is the file to be updated?
  • What will be the process to remove/add UA override?
  • Is there a message in console log when a UA override is happening?
  • karl: Were you involved Jason?
  • jason: No, I know probably as much as you do just from reading the bugs.
  • lmandel: the clientside is complete, the serverside is not done yet. We can stick it wherever we want to, but the serverside team was just notified so we can temporarily stick it somewhere else in the meantime.
  • karl: should we propose the process?
  • lawrence: yes, if we have suggestions let's make those recommendations. We should also protect ourselves from random people within who are pushing some other agenda. We *can't* let just anyone modify the overrides.
  • karl: is there a bug number for the server side?
  • lawrence: yes, 912225
  • karl: that's good progress, great news. i'm worried about the added flexibility tempting people to quickly add more things to it.
  • lawrence: yeah, people are still looking to you and me as the guardians for the list. there are times where this will be beneficial for our partners. to wrap up, it's half done. there's no guarantee that it'll be finished in time for the 1.2 timeframe. we might have to stick to the old process. we haven't talked about how we can disable this for testing. so we need to look into that. presumably it's using the same format so we need to know where those are so we can override them as we've done in the past.
  • karl: i wonder if there's a message in the browser console when an override is in place, should we file a bug?
  • lawrence: i don't see much benefit to this.
  • mike: (explains what karl actually means)
  • lawrence: that seems more reasonable, for remote debugging. let's file that.
  • TODO-20130916-02: kdubost to open a bug for having a message in the browser log when UA override is happening.

Topic: Flatfish (tablet) UA update (lmandel)

UA recommendation has been made in bug Consistent with our Android tablet UA. "Mozilla/5.0 (Tablet; rv:18.0) Gecko/18.0 Firefox/18.0" What impact will this UA have on the content served to this device?

  • lawrence: the discussion seems to be concluded. It's going to be the same as the default FxOS UA, except s/Mobile/Tablet/. It's unclear what the ramifications are for the content served to the device: tablet content? desktop content? There might be some fallout, but we'll have to see. Is this just for a prototype or a release?
  • jason: It's going to be released at some point.
  • lawrence: OK, the initial thing they're working on is a developer preview so we can get some feedback.

[karl predicts the future, is probably wrong.]

Topic: 1 minute update on UA Detection Investigations (miketaylr)

Libraries all tested (with exception of jQ Mobile & Dojo), 9 bugs reported (5 fixed so far). In contact with Detect Right, looking for contacts with OpenDDR and NetBiscuits. Planning on submitting patches to 4 open bugs this week.

  • miketaylr: From the list of 50 or so libraries, all but 2 have been tested with only 9 bugs (5 of which are fixed). I'll spend time tomorrow on preparing patches for the rest. Then I need to figure out the larger serverside frameworks (DetectRight, Netbiscuits). The work is nearly done for this mini-project.
  • miketaylr: I have contacted a few people already, met some at JQuery conference. And I will have actual discussions with some of them.
  • lmandel: Dojo will be good to fix. Some big names are using it.

Topic: Video Project by Hallvord

  • lmandel: anything new this week?
  • hallvord: I want to add some tests. Checking if there are video elements and look at src. To see also if there are regression issues. The vine issue is the biggest issue so far.
  • karl: what is the vine issue?
  • hallvord: basically the video wasn't working on The reason is in the bug, take a look.
  • hallvord: I'm done with most investigation, I think we're ready to work on outreach.
  • lawrence: I still have a list I meant to sent with a list of the top video sites. Do you think we should look at those as a next step?
  • hallvord: I think it would be interesting to try to look at these through some kind of automated testing, e.g., access the site as iphone is there <video>, is there <video> as B2G, etc. That should result in a list of sites to investigate more closely, figure out broken video players/frameworks, and target them

Topic: Work This Week

What will you be working on during the next week?

  • blassey:
  • hallvors: bug analysis. Some XHR bug reports if I can find the time. Hopefully testing Spade. Figure out how to put AWCY2 on people.mozilla. Complete test result processing - flag fixes / regressions more prominently in UI ("timelined"?). Rewrite to grab all TE bug data in a single big query, then process data to build the normal JSON file. Rewrite JSON backend so that the main index is per-bug data, not per-host
  • jsmith:
  • kdubost: assess documentation/understand new UA override/Spanish Web sites.
  • lmandel:
  • miketaylr: pull requests for UA libs, synergy meeting with jQuery Mobile lead, triage

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress

This week bug for the new batch of modifications on ua-override-prefs.js is Bug


NEW (1 week)

Tracked Actions


(move the DONE action items below and add the string DONE and possibly link to the record)

  • TODO-20130715-01: kdubost have a panorama of tools used by Web developers for testing. Write a post about it.
  • TODO-20130729-01: kdubost To draft ideas around a tool for doing the Ébauche in Web Compatibility testing. Think about kind of YSlow report for Web Compat. Enter the URI, and get a simple report of potential issues. Could be useful for helping with bug reporting.
  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)
  • TODO-20130806-01: kdubost to create a script to automatically compile stats from Tech Evangelism - Mobile. See email.
  • TODO-20130819-01 kdubost to create a first workflow for Web Badges for the community with Carla Cassili
  • TODO-20130819-03: lmandel to follow up with Gerv about posting UA device/model recommendations on MDN.
  • TODO-20130826-01: kdubost to create an intro guide to be ready to participate to Web Compatibility effort.
  • TODO-20130826-02: kdubost to create 101 on Web compatibility issues so Mozilla employes have handy materials to discuss with partners.
  • TODO-20130916-01: kdubost make a quick review of the documentation on MDN and see how it should be organized and/or modify to work with Chris about it.
  • TODO-20130916-02: kdubost to open a bug for having a message in the browser log when UA override is happening.