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Meeting: Mobile Web Compatibility Weekly
Chair: Karl
Scribe: Mike

Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meeting will be on November 25, 2013.

(Dec 20 to January 1, Holidays. No meeting during those dates. Dec 23 and 30 meetings are cancelled.)

Topic: what (who)


Topic: email aliases for Web Openers? (Mike)

(Lawrence answered everything, no need to discuss)

Leo Balter had previously asked, and Alex Mayorga just recently asked about this. The idea being that a email has more authority or authenticity than a one.

Is this possible?

  • mike: I can start this discussion via e-mail.
  • lawrence: It's worth noting that a lot of other Mozilla people use their own personal email with the outside world and a doesn't carry any extra authority.

Topic: Communication strategy (lmandel)

(Lawrence -> to mailing list) We haven't done a great job of communicating the work of this effort. Recently we've done a good job of: - registered and planet active - personal blogging (mike has done a good job ;) ) - Twitter

I would like to agree on a specific strategy to reach our audience. Suggestions:

  • regular (bi-weekly?) update during the project meeting
    • target: Mozillians
    • goal: keep Mozilla informed about the effort
  • quarterly report on the state of the mobile web
    • target: web devs, tech press
    • goal: overall view of the mobile landscape, inform of issues as they evolve over time, push best practices and those that play well from a compat perspective like known to be good UA detection frameworks
    • target: web devs? compat community?
    • goal: target affects what we put on the site...see Mike's topic below
  • personal blogging and twitter
    • target: Mozillians and other web devs
    • goal: inform of specific work, web compat issues, and best practices
  • Other?

Topic: Next week General Mozilla Monday meeting (lmandel)

Introducing one topic of Web compatibility for Mozilla community. Last week, karl introduced the volunteers. - What to talk about? - Who would like to talk?

  • lawrence: Karl gave an update last week on the Monday (tuesday) project meeting. I'd like to continue to get out there more to educate those within Mozilla. It would be cool every 2 to 3 weeks. I'm happy to, Karl is, Mike maybe, etc. We can rotate this.
  • hallvord: I'm happy to, it depends on the timing.
  • seif: I'll be in a meeting related to community builders in San Francisco so it would be a good way to get community invovled. Just an idea.

(somewhat changing topics) Karl

  • Mike: I'm happy to speak next week. Or whenever. We can show off
  • lawrence: Key to remember you have 3 minutes, what's the one or two points you want people to take away. One topic, then in two weeks we can pick up another topic. Tooling, community,, etc.
  • mike: I liked that, it's short and focused.

Topic: Materials for (Mike)

(Mike -> to mailing list?) (some or all of this may have been covered in the Comms strategy topic) We should begin thinking about what we'd like to go on Could the MDN folks help us? How can we get buy-in or participation from other vendors?

  • mike: I will push the discussion on the list.

links to relevant docs across the web custom docs like UA detection frameworks report

Topic: CRM, tracking our contacts (lmandel)

(Karl -> to mailing list) Issues? What do we do next? Do we make our own system? What about volunteers? How do they share their contacts, how do we share ours? Or should we just do as-is?

  • karl: Last week we had a discussion about tracking our contacts and I think we didn't get very far.
  • lawrence: this is still something I'm thinking about
  • seif: What do you mean by contacts?
  • lawrence: We're contacting a lot of sites and finding names, positions, etc. Just like in business development, it can be useful to keep track of that infromation. Right now we keep some info in a wiki page, or cc to an archive mailing list. Where should we stick it?
  • seif: It's an open question then.
  • lawrence: We've reviewed Salesforce, but it's an expensive solution. We could do it for cheaper like SugarCRM. I don't expect us to solve it today.
  • karl: I think a discussion would be good on a list. There is a question of opacity and keeping privacy of the contact. It's difficult to do without the input of the volunteers.
  • mike: Karl, can you send an email to the list on that topic?
  • karl: Yep.

Topic: Planets of Web Compatibility (Mike)

(-> to mailing list?) Mike pushed live the planet Web Compatibility. We still need to do work on the design. Karl will tweak things this week. What is our strategy to announce this to the larger Moz+everyone else communities? Someone want to volunteer to write a blog post (maybe Brad's return to blogging? :P).

  • mike: I have done. It's working.

Send pull requests to

  • seif: Can I join this planet?
  • mike: absolutely. I created a thread on the list. Just shoot me an email or do a pull request. We need normal people to write.
  • lawrence: I will write an introductory blog post later this week.

Topic: Webcompat Tools and current status (Hallvord & Seif)

(-> to mailing list?) Hallvord and Seif now have the basic infrastructure and compatability ready for a test deployment. 144 sites run here under 5 minutes. Results are pused to a MongoDB. We need to figure out what to do with the results. Also we should allow people to report unsupported websites via an add-on to firefox. This would push websites into the queue of compatability checks.

Some bugs still need to be fixed.

  • seif: Me and Hallvord are working on a framework to test sites for cmopat. Basically you've got Redis up and running. You push URLs to do and our services picks them up and runs test and reports back results. I tested 144 sites in less than 5 minutes. It works very well. I've been in touch with some people on the developer team to get some more contributors to this, e.g. create an extension that people can send a URL from when a site isn't working. Or push things from bugzilla. How long did it take you to run Hallvord?
  • hallvord: This is awesome, before it was hanging my machine but those bugs are fixed.
  • seif: Can we host this on mozilla? I can run this on my computer at home, but it would be better at Mozilla.
  • hallvord: I've tried to set this in motion at Mozilla. Brad has passed on my request to someone, waiting to hear back.
  • lawrence: It should be possible to host this. Shouldn't be very expensive to do. We should have some options.
  • seif: I'd like to run every site we have once a day. I'd like to put out a blog post tracking metricks, every month, for example. How many are compatible over time, etc.
  • lawrence: That's related to my other topic about how can we demonstrate the current state of the mobile web? I like that idea. From what you were saying before, I know Brad wrote an addon that allows you to fill in a bugzilla form. Bugzilla is a good place to start. We should have one for Desktop too.
  • seif: This also works for mobile. We can use the plugin that's existing it wouldn't take much time to make it work. We can test it for a couple of weeks and once it's stable, roll it out.
  • karl: Congrats to both of you for the work.
  • hallvord: Well seif did most of the work.

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Topic: Things which have been discussed

These are a list of topics, we need to explore further and take action items. It usually needs an owner and a set of actions. Putting them here for not forgetting about them. (this could become the start of a newsletter about the project by month)

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress



Tracked Actions


(move the DONE action items below and add the string DONE and possibly link to the record)

  • TODO-20130715-01: kdubost have a panorama of tools used by Web developers for testing. Write a post about it.
  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)
  • TODO-20130819-01 kdubost to create a first workflow for Web Badges for the community with Carla Cassili
  • TODO-20130826-01: kdubost to create an intro guide to be ready to participate to Web Compatibility effort.
  • TODO-20130826-02: kdubost to create 101 on Web compatibility issues so Mozilla employes have handy materials to discuss with partners.
  • TODO-20131111-01: kdubost to analyze and categorize the survey on UA detection.
  • TODO-20131118-01: kdubost to write a series of posts on how to set-up a Web compatibility activity in your own organization, company.
  • TODO-20131118-02: kdubost to finish design for planet.