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Meeting: Mobile Web Compatibility Weekly
Chair: Karl
Scribe: Mike

Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meetings will be on March 10, 2014

FirefoxOS (oliver probst)

See [ FirefoxOS Tablet Contribution Program planning/update]

  • karl: There was a message from Asa this morning saying that employees (+contractors, etc.) are also welcome to apply for this program. There is a section for Web Compat when filling out the form.
  • brad: We should also have access to devices in the future to give to contributors doing good work.

What to expect from volunteers (Hallvord)

Stuff like How much work, how soon? It's tempting to do more of the easy work I can do really fast, rather than waiting for "someone" ;-) but that's counter-productive, right?

  • hallvord: I would like to ask Lawrence and Brad about this. It's always a judgement call how much work to do, how to set aside for volunteers. It's a bit slow to recruit people.
  • brad: I wouldn't slow yourself down by setting aside work. Do your high priority work and leave aside some lower priority work that you won't get to anyways. Have that at the ready when someone comes along and is wanting to help out.
  • lawrence: You should always have something that you can give to people.
  • karl: Do we have a list of TODO items for new volunteers? Do you have a bug for each of these tasks Hallvord?
  • hallvord: Mainly I've been trying to recruit people to review screenshots at the moment.
  • lawrence: There's going to be a category of bug where you don't speak a language, this seems like a good type of bug to leave for contributors.
  • adam: I'm finding it difficult to find contacts on Japanese and Chinese sites, etc.
  • hallvord: I also made a screencast hoping to post on Air Mozilla to attract volunteers:
  • lawrence: I've got producer rights on AirMo, let me know if you need help in the future.

Student Volunteer (Adam)

High School students in Ontario are required to obtain 40 hours of Community Involvement before graduating. Received a request if we could take on a student.

  • Looks like we meet the requirements from the school board
  • Is it doable on our side?
  • What type of work can we provide the student? And how much?


  • adam: There's a student looking to volunteer hours.
  • lawrence: I think they're capable doing testing. We'd want to think through before doing any outreach.
  • mike: I think there's stuff to do especially looking at the stale Desktop TE issues.
  • brad: In general it sounds like it would be useful.
  • lawrence: Please get in touch with HR adam to make sure everything's OK.

Web Opener Role Description (Lawrence)

Good feedback from (I think) Brad, Karl, and Hallvord. I'll work on an updated draft this week.

  • mike: Looks Good To Me
  • lawrence: I got some good feedback to simplify the language for non-native English speakers. Suggestions on making the core requirements would be welcome.
  • adam: It'd be nice in the future if we didn't need to require English.
  • lawrence: So long as we can communicate with them.

Project Updates (Lawrence)

  • lawrence: This is the list of things we talked about during our work week. We had talked about focusing on increasing our volunteer base. As we expand globally, more volunteers are crucial to work on compat testing and outreach for new countries/languages.

UA overrides (karl)

What is done? When Karl has tried to contact at least twice each site. ~70 or 80 sites that remain on the list. BY MARCH 16th.

  • karl: Most of the sites have been contacted at least once. Do we continue to work on this after March 16th?
  • lawrence: If we can't make progress, we should leave it and come back to it later.
  • karl: By March 16th I'll report on the state of things. It's not very visible to people right now. Maybe we can have a list that people can see, perhaps on
  • mike: is it worthwhile to remove the low priority ones?
  • lmandel: We should leave them here for now, but we should ask around at
  • karl: I would be in favor of removing them. But I will negotiate with to understand.
  • lawrence: That makes sense, let's do it in a coordinated way.

2. Mobile Video (hallvord)

Have list of sites defined by Feb 17.

  • hallvord: I have a list of sites. I've been doing some testing, but stopped until I upgraded to 1.4 (which resolved some issues I was experiencing that others couldn't reproduce).
  • lawrence: Does testing on 1.4 mean that we'll think some sites are working that aren't for users?
  • brad: Geeksphone doesn't have vanilla Firefox OS. Reference devices will be useful here.
  • hallvord: I've requested a ZTE phone.
  • lawrence: Where is your list of sites? Is it on AWCY?
  • hallvord: At the very botton of AWCY, there's a "Top video sites" link. But it only includes sites with open bugs.
  • lawrence: Is there a way to view the entire list?
  • hallvord:, this is the list that's been narrowed down to sites that do serve mobile content to mobile phones (not just video to desktop).
  • lawrence: Do you know how much you've gone through the list?
  • hallvord: I would like to retest because I haven't been sure of my results on my phone.
  • lawrence: When do you want to get through the testing of the sites?
  • hallvord: A couple of weeks after I get the ZTE phone.

3. UA detection frameworks (mike)

Blog post to share to be made second week Feb and shared following Monday.

  • mike: There is a live page about the UA detection framework. Some people added issues. Some people detected the page through the referer links.
  • lawrence: One of the things we talked about in the future was adding other browsers.
  • mike: It is not my top priority right now. It's 2 or 3. I would love to have windows phones but it's not really Mozilla job.
  • lawrence: We could ask BlackBerry people too.

4. Social sites (adam)

Mar 3?

  • adam: I sent out an email explaining what I am up to. I built a small site listing all the social sites that are on our radar. We would need some user input to help with the testing. Not too far off of the March 3rd target date.

5. Bugs ahoy (mike)


  • mike: working. donish. Going onto maintenance mode.

6. Web Opener Role Description (lawrence)

  • Lawrence: Draft 2 by Mar 10
  • mike: I'll get another draft for next week.

7. Simple Bug (karl+mike)

  • mike: We had the prototype version done. It has been rewritten mostly.

  • karl: I'm using this a lot. Nobody has complained about it--it's cool. Some edges are rough, but it's working.
  • mike: we are now able to route to other browsers in the future. So it will be more open.

8. redesign (mike+alexa)

  • mike: landing page and file a bug form by end of month. alexa will meet with us again next week to show us her latest iteration of design.
  • brad: getting this ready will help our goal of getting people invovled.


  • Backlog:

simple bugzilla issue submission open badges (sort of blocked o

Should we add new UA overrides (lawrence)

Karl has raised this question a few times.

  • lawrence: I have my opinion, what do you think?
  • karl: should we use this infrastructure? should we use this for high profile sites?
  • lawrence: the original reasoning was to get a bunch of stuff fixed in time for our first launch. also to prevent having a billion custom device ids in the UA string. do we have to use it because we have it? i think the answer is no. it's really up to us, nobody is going to say no if we want to add them.
  • karl: i don't want to add them. at times it seems like a necessary evil to improve the experience of users. something like Opera's browser.js would seem more useful.
  • lawrence: i would prefer to have a clean web.

Desktop Cleanup (lawrence)

We talked about cleaning up the desktop bugs in Bugzilla to get a view on the current backlog.

  • mike: no component for tech evangelism::desktop
  • lawrence: file a bug.
  • brad: if we propose a change, there should not be a problem. probably worth talking to Asa and Stormy.
  • karl: I'll do the contact.
  • lawrence: let's get a desktop component. As we find empty ones, let's get them to archive the components.

desktop, mobile, preinstalled apps, add-ons need a document for the students to understand the possible codes ex. 404

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Check the Planet Web Compatibility for the community news. Here a few posts lately published.

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress



Tracked Actions


(move the DONE action items below and add the string DONE and possibly link to the record)

  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)