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Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meetings will be on March 25, 2014. Tuesdays (time changed) see

Regrets: Hallvord (probably) (Karl will try to chair the meeting but not sure how it will be effective on vidyo over hotel proxy in Beijing. We will see.)

Topic: (alexa)

Alexa will introduce her progress on the new design of View here:

  • Add dots for screws to help light switch read better
  • Change "View on Github" to say "Contribute on Github" or something that is clearer CTA
  • Add ? next to Version with help text for people who can't find their browser version
  • Auto-detect browser and version and ask "We've auto-detected these things. Are they correct?"
  • Add Operating System (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc) and Version as 2 fields below browser, make Version not required (can auto-detect as well?)
  • For "Join Us" section - 2 and 3 go to Bugs Ahoy - Add an intermediate page explaining what to do (or a message on Bugs Ahoy)...Alexa to work on this flow so it's continuous
  • Change 2 to say "Diagnose broken websites" or "Investigate site issues" or something along those lines
  • Add Follow on Twitter
  • Remove hamburger menu
  • Mike and Alexa to start building (are other people working on this?)

(Reminder) Cross Browser Compatibility Data (karl)

There was a call for comments on Web Compatibility Mailing list from MDN group. Please check it and comments. No need for discussions on the call.

Contact Management (Adam, Lawrence)

Met with privacy reps last week. No major concerns. Need to speak with legal and IT. IT is looking to stand up an internal CRM system. Adam's system is still an option. Question is do we want to spend the time hardening the system. Other options presented:

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Check the Planet Web Compatibility for the community news. Here a few posts lately published.

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress



Tracked Actions


(move the DONE action items below and add the string DONE and possibly link to the record)

  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)