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Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meetings will be on May 6? see if no agenda, no meeting. - tour of the missing features (mike) had a soft launch (yay!) last week. We need to focus on building missing features

  • What are the missing features?
  • Are there open issues for each of these features?
  • What is the proposal for next steps?
  • How do people get involved?
  • mike: we "launched" We redesigned the home page from the beta version. The design is a lot better. Thanks to Alexa work. Issue reporting works. There has not been a huge flow of work, but steady. I let mozilla PR knows yesterday. No one has written back to complain. In the next steps, we need to figure out how to display issues. People know how to interact with issues on github, but that would be cool to be able to do it from inside the site. I made some extensions for reporting bug about the site currently viewed for chrome, safari, firefox and opera. I need to clean those up. When on the Web page, the button helps to prefill the form for reporting a bug. - diagnose a bug (mike/Alexa)

See [ issue 116]. We are using bugsahoy in for the link "diagnose a bug". Is it the appropriate tool for this action? What is needed to get a better user interaction?

  • Alexa: We should figure out what is analyzing bugs. And I need your help about that.
  • mike: bugsahoy doesn't necessary make sense right now.
  • brad: a fork of bugsahoy seems to be a hammer for something we do not need. It's useful for a guided search for people who don't know what they want to do.
  • lawrence: The assumptions there will be a larger number of bugs and we need a way to go through.
  • mike: I agree that we need to work through.
  • alexa: I need to understand if language matters.
  • brad: I don't think it matters.
  • karl: there's the part where people can report a bug. to diagnose a bug, is to propose to people here are some tasks that you can work on. but that depends on how the bug is reported, perhaps it needs some filtering/tagging (css, http, js analysis). And bugsahoy isn't connected right now to our webbugs repo.
  • mike: We could hook up bugs ahoy to our github repo; it would take about a day to build a small proxy app to route oauth API requests but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to spend that time working on the replacement for bugsahoy.
  • karl: For CSS, JS ,HTTP, etc. there could be guidance for helping people to analyze these specific issues. If HTTP, you might want to check this and that.
  • mike: We could have labels for issues and filter them. Initial triagers to help with tagging. If we can come for a design for showing the issues, we can work on these things in parallel. We can continue the discussion in that issue. - prepopulate db (lmandel)

Should we prepopulate the db with the issues in Bugzilla?

  • lawrence: There's not a lot of content on the site right now, but plenty in Bugzilla.
  • brad: We don't expose the bugs on our site yet, right?
  • lawrence: We might consider if we want to move our workflow to, as there's some overlap.
  • karl: Possible issues: there might be duplication of work. Will other browser vendors be interested in interacting?
  • brad: It would be interesting if it could mirror status and interaction between bug trackers. Maybe we could set that up for us, then go from there with other browsers.
  • mike: One of the tools i wanted to create was a bugzilla importer. For example, if this is a core gecko issue, the discussion will need to stop and be transfered to the bug tracker. This is easy to do.
  • brad: There are issues which are side issues which are related to
  • mike: adam had an issue where it was solved for Netscape^W Firefox but not for IE and others. We could close it in bugzilla and transfer to
  • lawrence: And at times other teams kick issues to us (that might not belong in TE).
  • brad: when a bug gets diagnosed and moved to, do we close the bugzilla issue or leave it open and wait until that one is closed? when you close the webcompat issue, maybe you could automatically close the bugzilla issue?
  • lawrence: If we're going to have, should we put stuff on it. The bigger questions we're asking now is, how do we want to work? On or on Bugzilla?
  • mike: we don't want people to think that is Firefox only. We can hold off for one month or two to figure out on how to display issues.
  • karl: We could use that time also to be more interactive with other browser vendors, Opera, Microsoft, etc. I'm trying to contact them and ask would you like to join the party?
  • hallvord: I think we should just design the workflow first, then come back to this question. We might realize one day that we've designed such a lovely workflow that we all want to work there.

Moz Camps (adam)

See email sent to compatibility list. On Thursday Apr 24, Adam and Mike participated in a Moz Camp planning session. Karl attended a session on schedule presentation for what could be a MozCamp earlier in the week. Would be interesting to discuss this as a team?

  • Mike, adam to write a summary of the discussions
  • Was there a summary written by Larissa Shapiro?

Adam's Summary:

Mike and I met with the team on Thursday, our time was somewhat limited but we were still able to get a decent amount complete. The general idea is to build out a MozCamp Contribution Area Session Template, creating the training material for others to use during a Mozcamp session. We want a session that motivates, teaches, helps attendees recruit others and provides resources. Another important point was the concept of telling the story of Web Compatibility, why it’s important to Mozilla and the successes of our current contributors. They are hoping to have 3 camps this year: Singapore, North Africa and Latin America. You can read through the working template (which probably has to be accessed via Mozilla LDAP).

Mike's Summary:

What Adam said. The facilitators seemed interested in our story and in web compatibility as it relates to the Mozilla mission. It will be interesting to see if we can design something that works with a mix of technical and non-technical attendees.


  • karl: We have been contacted by Larissa Shapiro. She invited us to participate in the planning of a possible MozCamp in the near future in some regions, maybe Asia, Africa, Latin America. The goal of the event is to help people to learn how to organize events in their own communities. The discussion so far has focused on a template for how to have the event.
  • mike: Yes.
  • lawrence: They're very interested in webcompat, they see this as a possible way to onboard a number of volunteers. We're interested in their help as well. The goal is to teach people who will go out and teach other people.
  • mike: I was a bit skeptical at first, but after the meeting I think there was a good idea on how to get more people involved into the Web (and Web Compatibility).
  • adam: Even if we got 100 people on, it could be overwhelming for us. We need to keep that in mind. We should provide ways for people to get involved by themselves.
  • brad: Having done things this like in the past, we won't get 100s. We'll get one or two or a week rather than a flood. Let's cross that bridge when we get there.
  • karl: The big issue with this kind of work is that it's a long term work. People can get discouraged. Many people will drop out.

New Volunteer Path (lmandel)

  • lawrence: We had some projects that we wanted to do during our work week. I was trying to put the projects in these groups, when we're wrapping things up looking for things to do we can use this as a guide. For example, the new contributor guide, do we need this before something else, etc?
  • karl: We are missing an issue tracker for our projects.
  • lawrence: We can continue to look at this to figure out what areas we're lacking.
  • karl: Do you want us to take an item?
  • lawrence: If you have time and looking for something to do next, look at the list and think of where the gaps are. You can add to this list too. If we're spending all our time on finding volunteers but we don't have our onboarding story figured out, let's fix that.
  • brad: One thing that's useful once we've brought a volunteer on and they've done something useful to do a post-mortem (except they're not dead) and ask them what went well, where they got stuck, etc. We can iterate that way.
  • adam: Do you think we should break out the contribution paths?
  • lawrence: Yeah, I don't think we should try to get people to learn everything at once. Breaking things up into small tasks, choose your own adventure, etc.

Finding Volunteers


  • bugsahoy
  • new contributor guide (todo, adam? and karl)
  • social tool( ?? -Haseeb)
  • arewecompatibleyet (karl design)

Ongoing mentoring and engagement

  • mailing list
  • irc


  • badges (todo)
  • Monday project meeting
  • Twitter
  • T-shirts (lawrence)

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