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We had a small meeting for 20 minutes with Lawrence (lmandel), Abdul (haseeb) and Karl.

Thanks Adam (karl)

  • karl: As you may know now, Adam was on a 6 months contract with Mozilla. He finished last Friday. Mozilla Web Compatibility activity thanks him a lot for all his work, and new ways to help us and deal with issues. Big Thanks Adam, hope we will see you on the IRC channel and the list.

AWCY (karl) AWCY stands for Are We Compatible Yet. During the next week, I will ask a series of questions about AWCY. Please give feedback, short if possible.

  • karl: I wanted initially to share a design, but then I thought I was doing it wrong and putting the cart before the horse. Basically the design has to be driven by what people want from it. So I have started to ask questions on the list to see if we can define on what is AWCY for people using it.
  • lmandel: It seems to have become a kind of a big tool. but we need to figure out who want to use it and what they will do with it. talking about gamification or some way of measuring progress for themselves and possibly against other locales. if the site is for new contributors it will likely need to be a simpler interface to start. perhaps just a more guided interface.

List of Web site issues There was an article this week about what we are doing with suggestions. I believe mike will talk with him.

  • karl: There are now two places that I need to check. Should we find a way to merge Bugzilla and so that there is a single place to track issues.
  • lmandel: We need to show progress on the bugs.

Q3 webcompat goals

We haven't set quarterly goals in the past. These are a way to share what we're up to with others and with ourselves. Should we set Q3 goals?

  • haseeb: +1
  • lmandel: We have goals in the release management and it has been useful. We came up with specific series of _measurable_ items on what we should release and when.
  • karl: having targets such as products is a very good idea. Plus it gives a good feeling when we can achieve our goals.
  • lmandel: yes that was part of my ideas.
  • haseeb: I personally like that too.
  • lmandel: we can have goals for volunteers too. It's not an employee thing it's a team activity.

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

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