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Should purchase it and redirect to .com.

Grow 2014 Tunisia (mike)

Grow Tunis (Africa/Middle East) ~2 months away. 1. Details are fuzzy on what we need to do to be prepared for this, but let's talk about it. 2. Larrissa Shapiro is our contact point.

  • karl: Quick summary, there was a MozCamp in India. There were some people with different expectations, so they've decided to change the organization and the name. It's now MozGrow. Three events: Tunisia (insert date here) first. There's not much info yet on how to participate and if we're still invited. To clarify with Larissa or others in the Grow event. If we're invited, it's in two months.
  • lawrence: AFAIK, we're still involved. I received a survey yesterday. If someone wants to fill it out, go ahead.
  • mike: I'll do it.
  • karl: And now, who would go?
  • mike: What are their expectations for the number of people?
  • haseeb: There were more than one person for each session in India.
  • karl: I'll be traveling from Oct 8 to Oct 31 from Japan to France. It might be too much travel for me.
  • lawrence: They're looking more for some sort of collaborative session where the participants design their own project that relates to the topic, rather than have someone come in and dictate how we do things.
  • brad: I thought they were rethinking that format (possibly).
The new program (new name TBD) is focused on providing a breadth of community building skills, aimed at recruiting new contributors, and allows attendees to dive deep into one contribution area. The core of the program is a Project Plan, which gets developed at the event. The program consists of a three day event followed by several months of mentorship as they implement their project plans.

Mozilla festival in London (Hallvord) Thinking of proposing a "Probing the state of the web with automated testing" workshop.

  • hallvord: I'm planning on submitting a session proposal. I'm discussing with Seif, we're trying to have some of his testing infrastructure ready for the festival. The plan is that we would try come up with some assertions (e.g., assert.isResponsiveSite()) to study the web. Make a session where JS hackers can come together, I think it could be a good session. Does that sound good?
  • karl: When I was reading the MozFest proposal, it's really a place where people need to do something together.
  • hallvord: We could do something similar for Grow Mozilla but I don't know what kind of JS skills we could rely on. Deadline to write proposal is August 22.

Cleanup Tech Evangelism Product (lmandel)

I still see people filing bugs in the language components in Tech Evangelism. We should prune dead components in Tech Evangelism. FYI that I'll be filing a bug to do so with any lang component that has no bugs. We can clean up the rest as we review the bugs. Or Should we migrate bugs to

  • karl: There are certain components that are ready now. But people will complain. As for, there's still some work to do on the UI to be as productive as BugZilla for now.

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Check the Planet Web Compatibility for the community news. Here a few posts lately published.

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress