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Mobile/Desktop Component (karl)

We are starting to see a rise of Desktop bugs in Tech Evangelism. It's kind of natural and I guess good. It means people care about reporting again. It was not in our initial MUST DO. At the same time, we have been experiencing a slow down on Mobile bugs (less survey I guess). We need to assess our efforts distribution. Also The stats in the minutes doesn't show Desktop. Maybe I should start adding them?

  • karl: should we try to find new markets to run mobile top-sites surveys on? Or should we let the natural flow come in? And for Desktop, what are people thinking?
  • Mike: I started watching the Tech Evangelism component. You can only do that if your filter out the B2G app. A lot of activities there. The Desktop activity is doable, it's more reasonable. Daniel Holbert is doing monitoring, analyzing, and he's participating. It would be good for us to keep an eye on that.
  • Lawrence: I wonder if we are breaking the Web more and more often.
  • Mike: I haven't noticed any kind of patterns. We are having organic input and people like kohei reported the regression.
  • lmandel: search box on Google, etc. etc. We had 3 cases recently where we did break the Web.
  • Mike: flexbox is cursed. I'm surprised the CSSWG continued to make modifications.
  • lmandel: It would be great if we could eventually be consulted before teams do breaking types of changes, and try to do some analysis to determine what might break. Possibly with early builds, etc. We're not doing that today. I'm sure we can do better, I don't know if we have the time.
  • karl: Testing is a lot easier than analyzing or finding contacts. Most of the time it's easier, especially if it's a visible change. It's what comes after which is more difficult. The cool thing about testing is if we have meaningful results we can do a blog post which is good to do publicity etc.
  • hallvord: I think what Lawrence is suggesting is a good idea. Especially if we get the infrastructure built by Seif set up.
  • mike: We all think this is a good idea. There is room to fit that kind of thing. Start to follow Tech Evangelism to have a sense of broader scale. Filter out B2G component.
  • lmandel: There is also an addon component but I'm not sure it's used.
  • karl: I had a related question to the story of desktop bugs and mobile. If you look at the minutes of our (non) meetings on our wiki, I was wondering if I should start to include Desktop issues.
  • mike: I think it would be good to start tracking that.
  • lmandel: We haven't had an update in a while in the project meeting. We're a small team and people forget about us, doing this is good way to remain visible.
  • karl: I'm still watching from far away I'm trying to be more proactive part on the coding for now. Is there any sense of things that I should be tracking there?
  • mike: I'm also focusing on dev. I checked time to time to see what is happening. Maybe it would be useful to have someone filtering/labeling Firefox so you can monitor this. We are still in kind of active development mode. Many people from the community are active on
  • lmandel: is the IE team import their bug there?
  • mike: I have written a tool for importing the bug into The tool makes it possible to import Google bugs. There is still no massive import. They filed bugs for specific labels. It's cool they are participating and helping.
  • karl: I've been thinking about what kind of information would be useful for a webcomat person dashboard: when was the bug created, when was the last contact, etc. When a bug is 3 months old, show it on my dashboard. All bugs assigned to me where the last comment is more than 6 months old, send me a summary (a bugzilla feature). I would like to set up an action on a bug for the future. I just analyzed it, do not show me the bug before X has happened, or before this time.
  • mike: Like a smart snooze.
  • mike: So what's the action item?
  • karl: Last week I spent a lot of time going through language components, closing old bugs or moving to Desktop. I want to do that for the remaining ones. I will start to flag Hallvord and Mike if I need help with an issue.
  • mike: Would it be controversial to announce that we're moving away from language components.
  • lawrence: We don't need to say kill, but we can advocate for just Desktop vs Mobile. Once those components are archived, I was thinking of changing the descriptions of the remaining ones to "Do not file here".


  • ACTION: We will continue to prepare the clean-up the language components and have all activities concentrated into Desktop/Mobile.
  • [DONE] ACTION: karl to update the script for tracking Desktop issues into the minutes summary too.

Stats for Mozilla Press Relations (mike)

There was a thread on webcompat-internal about measuring the state of web compatibility (possibly over time...). Let's try to make some action items related to this.

  • mike: We were talking about promoting We started a discussion on how to measure the problem spaces for Web compatibility. I was wondering if we should do plan something about it.
  • karl: Maybe we should summarize and putting it on public compat list, and finish the discussion there.
  • lawrence: Alexa 1000 stats
  • mike: Where is the script?
  • lawrence: I will look for it.
  • lawrence: Be careful about the data you share. If you don't trust it, dont' share it. We have to review it.


  • ACTION: mike will summarize the discussion about statistics about Web Compat issues and send it to webcompat list.

Heads Up: Some news

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