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2015 Goals (mike)

2015 Goals

  • Mike: We're working on first pass, not yet confirmed. MDN Compat service is a new thing. Build new service reporting issues for a site, a bit like Still mostly planning stage.
  • Lawrence: There are also others working on this. Andrew Overholt has been talking about this for DOM. If Laura Thomson (webdev group) is going to build this out, may be able to piggyback. Looking at > and
  • Lawrence: things I'd like to see in goals: * compat measurements (QA does manual testing on top-25 for old Alexa list). Perhaps building on the regression testing we already have.
  • Mike: Might go under 4th goal (better tooling)
  • Lawrence: looking at stuff we can rely on to see if there are issues with a release. Second goal: do we have enough time to look at desktop? What would that be like?
  • Brad: I've requested another head to take on desktop (actually 1.5 heads)
  • Karl: we're actually doing desktop web compat already, not officially but as a matter of fact.
  • Brad: should be more strategic
  • Lawrence: we should be ready to research breaking changes. Like Poodle - outreach first, then breakage.
  • Mike: How would the testing framework manifest itself (asking Lawrence).
  • Lawrence: If tests would be run once a week, it would be ok. I would be expected changes on nightly or Aurora. Maybe running them before releases.
  • Karl: why does this end up with the webcompat team? What sort of breakage do we expect?
  • brad: Being able to automate the identification of changes which are breaking Web Compatibility.
  • lawrence: QA and release management do not have all resources and competences for doing this. It seems better to do it in Web Compat. It could be cool to give information to other groups.
  • brad: If we could sniff out the beginning of an issue in beta, it would be a lot better.
  • lawrence: Maybe one way to attack this, would be to figure out what APIs are being used on the sites.
  • Mike: Web Compat is QA for the Web. We are talking about Web Compat summit, maybe we need a meeting with mozilla teams to discuss this type of ideas.
  • lawrence: I added some of the people in the list of people to meet.
  • Brad: devtools team will be useful too.
  • Hallvord: I think it's a cool project to do more proactive compat testing between versions. You could run pre-release and upcoming release at the same time and compare JS errors, check if DOM is dramatically different, etc. Do screenshot comparison. It doesn't sound terribly hard, but it will be noisy. It will require some interpretation and maintenance. What we're doing today is to have a very narrow focus to avoid some of the noise. Every month ~50 tests are broken and need to be fixed, just by site updates.
  • Karl: issue+ hosting infrastructure for webcompat survey.
  • Karl: issue+ noisy results for analyzing and need results.
  • Karl: We are in the process of pushing participation from Opera
  • Mike: I do the same with Google.

FluentConf workshop (mike)

Let's submit a proposal to do either a 90 minute or 3 hour workshop at Fluent. CFP ends October 27th. Conf is April 20–22, 2015

  • Mike: let me know if you want to work on it.

POODLE follow up (lawrence)

  • Lawrence: Do we want to do something here?
  • Karl: Is it possible to use telemetry?
  • Lawrence: Do we actually need that?
  • Karl: It provides something more like a weighted list, to help us focus on the most important sites for our users. Also would help us track change over time.
  • Lawrence: Telemetry is limited, not enabled by default in release. It's not supposed to send personally identifable info (URLs). I don't know if it's necessary to track progress this way, we can run our script. There's a risk of being seen as spammers, which we want to avoid. If we can automate this somehow, it would make sense.
  • Hallvord: The main problem is that 9000 sites is overwhelming. If there was a way to sort sites by category... and compare people to their competition. There's, might be a way to handle this data (if the quality is good).
  • Mike: If we have a form to check the url, social media accounts could advertise it.
  • Lawrence: Yes I was thinking about that. Richard's initial site:

Heads Up

  • TLS, SSLv3 and Web Compatibility. A couple of discussions happened but nothing conclusive yet.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress