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Workweek Agenda (mike)

We've got 3 weeks until Portland, let's discuss the agenda together briefly.

  • lawrence: I am scheduling a session about proactively measuring Web compatibility (among other things) to better understand releases. Will hopefully include DOM, JS, Layout, sec, Web compat. Also talking about how to mitigate issues in the field. (Not sure we want to talk about this for Web compat but certainly related to UA override list and Opera JS hacks).
  • Mike: discussing about logistics and food at the work week. Everyone, we should consider choosing at least one place for having a dinner together.
  • Mike: 8am to 10am on thursday I have a commitment. (discussions around the collective agenda and meeting with other groups)
  • Lawrence: I will be responsible for organizing the joint meeting about release and webcompat.
  • Karl: I will take the responsibility of connecting with devtools team for the work week.
  • Lawrence: the 3rd meeting seems related to the other one in release management but you may want to contact: Jet Villegas, :jst

WebCompatibility Summit Agenda (mike)

Can we start to think about what the Summit will look like? - talks? - roundtables? - unconference/hack sessions? See

  • Mike: we should have a rough proposal of a topic/agenda for making it more compelling. Apple, Google are local. Microsoft are in Seattle. We have a big space ~60 persons and 2 rooms and a total capacity for 100 persons. We have the space schedule. We have coffee in the morning and snacks.
  • Lawrence: The closest place is a 15 minutes walk. You should plan to cater for lunch. You can close or open Polaris and Capella so the space can be really big. Also suggest to book Vega for the day for smaller (~8 person) meetings.
  • Lawrence: MV floor plan:
  • Mike: in my mind there are 3 main areas: standards related compatibility work, testing and automated assessment, outreach/evangelism.
  • Karl: Shall we do an introduction of what are the issues around WebCompatibility.
  • Lawrence: It would be cool to ask the companies to speak of their own issues. Propose them to present if they want about their tools and process.
  • Mike: I wanted also let room for a call for talk, call for papers. Round tables discussions or talks.
  • Alexa: There's another format I use… Fish Bowl. Invite Kohei.

Heads Up

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