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Follow up on Compat Summit (miket)

The Webcompat Summit is planned on February 18, 2015

  • Microsoft
  • Opera
  • Apple
  • mike: I have emailed all our browsers friends, except Apple. Karl will put Apple in contact with me. We have good responses from some people. I'll do a follow-up soon in a couple of weeks. After Portland, we might be able to get more people including libraries, big companies, etc.
  • blassey: Air Mozilla is a good idea to allow remote participation.
  • mike: All logistics is coming into place.

FluentConf (miket)

Our session was accepted. Mike will be presenting with... Hallvord(?) in April 2015.

  • mike: a couple of weeks ago someone pinged us in a bug. There is an opportunity to speak at Fluent. Now we have a 3 hours session on "debugging the mobile Web". We can brainstorm in Portland on the best way to do. It will be in San Francisco April 2nd, 2015.

Wrong Component for Firefox OS marketplace (karl)

We had a recent surge of bugs which were opened in the wrong components. Maybe it's just a matter of reassessing where these should go.

Work week (miket)

Let's all re-review our topics bank and look at the schedules. Platform Org calendar (Mozilla login required)

  • mike: this is more an invitation for everyone to look at the agenda again and to double check parts which are frozen because we have coordination meetings with others.
  • karl: We may not need to schedule an official time with Firefox Dev Tools.
  • brad: We're moving into the Grand Ballroom (F). Pearl is scheduled for a meeting room.

Heads Up

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress