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post-Portland recap (mike)

Let's enumerate the action items from: Are there things we missed that we should follow up on?

  • Note: we postponed this discussion until Karl is present.

2015 Goals (mike)

Discussion on

  • Mike: Telemetry: Q1 gather a "bucket" of stuff we want telemetry probes for. Q2 set up a "compatibility dashboard" based on the telemetry information plus other stuff like bugzilla data.
  • Telemetry: MSE, EME
  • Brad: we can be a little more proactive. There's a goal to make Firefox awesome at video. We can play a part in understanding where we fall down, what goes wrong.
  • Mike: we can measure when sites are using MSE etc, beyond YouTube we don't know how prevalent this stuff is. EME too can be investigated. Action item: Mike and Hallvord, identify 10 telemetry probes related to video.
  • Brad: Talk to bsmedburg to learn the ins and outs of what is possible to record. URLs are tricky.

Heads Up

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress