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Webcompat Summit Travel logistics (mike)

The Web Compat summit is approaching. What do we need to know? Should we announce it on compatibility mailing list too? [Web Compat Summit 2015](

  • mike: You should start looking at booking your trip asap. We do not have HR support for booking hotels. We might have to coordinate among ourselves. Not the end of the world. Do you have plans?
  • karl: no plans yet.
  • mike: My plan is to be here on Monday morning to be familiar with the space. I'd like to be there Monday through Thursday.
  • abdul: If I can come, I would love to be here on Monday.
  • mike: We could announce it on the list. We will not have hundred of people. The person who did the report on CSS might be able to come.
  • TODO: mike will send RVSP on the compatibility mailing-list (+dev-platform) on 2015-01-13.

New time for the meeting (karl)

Currently we are using this slot.,in:kolkata,no:oslo!,us:boston:ma,us:austin:tx,us:san-francisco:ca&range=900,960

  • karl: I have to check the time.
  • mike: Let's keep the time.

WebCompat at FOSS Asia from March 13th -15th in Singapore on Mobile Web Compatibility (haseeb)

CFP accepted Site Call for speakers

  • abdul: My talk has been accepted at FOSS Asia. I plan to introduce WebCompat. I need help with webcompat content and flight.
  • mike: If you come up with an outline, we will be happy to help. I will discuss with Brad tomorrow for budgets.

Two minutes (karl)

Reminder, that there is a tool to share with others what you have done this week. It can be useful to give a head up and help other people plan their own work.

  • mike: /slaps self

All-hands work weeks (mike)

June-ish? December-ish?

  • mike: The current thinking. Management and some people really liked it. They want to move to two all-hands work weeks. They want to kill traditional work week. For small team, there might be budget.
  • hallvord: I would probably not attend in June, because I usually have a lot of stuff in Norway at this time.
  • mike: Yes it seems a busy time for many people. The sun is out in Norway.

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