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Q1 and Q2 Goals (Mike)

Let's review our Q1 goals and start thinking about what we'd like to accomplish for Q2. Feel free to brainstorm below:

Q1 Goals Review

  • Mike: Almost done.
[TODO] Mike needs to send a follow up email/survey to the participant of WebCompat Summit.
  • karl: We discussed a lot of things, are there things that people would like to do together in the next few months, etc.? Try to tease out a shared goal. Perhaps try to piggy back off of a larger event, just for a few hours?
  • Mike: Maybe something like Edge Conf
  • Mike: Already two telemetry probles written.
[TODO] Mike to blog about the process of creating a Telemetry probe
Workshop Materials
  • Mike: I'll do a session soon at a conference that will provide materials. It will be more oriented about devtools, but we can piggyback on it.
  • Karl: Whistler seems a good opportunity for talking/introducing Web compatibility issues to less technical Mozilla people such as Marketing and bizdev.
[TODO] karl to talk about a webcompat session at Whistler on the webcompat list

Q2 Goals Suggestions and ideas

  • Q2 - Automatic dump of activities from webcompat to a DB through Github WebHooks. This is relatively orthogonal to and its flask backend. So it doesn't impact webcompat dev
[TODO] Mike to make an account on server for Karl
  • Q2 - Review of all bugs in Tech Evangelism to decide if we should move (or not) them to Which strategies. Which flags. Which benefits. Constraints. Crazy idea: add support for webcompat URIs in see also, dupe of, etc to BugZilla
[TODO] Mike to inquire about adding support for webcompat URIs/numbers in Bugzilla
  • Q2 - Give the possibility for people to subscribe to certain webcompat bugs. After the search, it's another feature. A low hanging fruit is a feed for domain names and/or group of properties.
  • Q2 - Image upload service for
  • Q2 - Prototype of webcompat JS shim loader for Firefox for Android
  • Q2 - Making dashboards for Telemetry, continuing the work

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress