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Compatipede Future (Mike)

Let's discuss our future plans with Compatipede.

  • mike: I wanted us to discuss how we currently use compatipede and how we might use it in the future.
  • hallvord: so far, we haven't used it a lot. compatipede 1 is running now quite nicely, it collects a lot of data. we've never made anything to present that data. it does give a "pass/fail" status for sites. but it's noisy and a minor thing may fail a site. it would have been a lot more useful if we had made a UI to present the data and do some processing. status for compatipede 1 is that I occasionally run it. it's able to grab the sites from (in theory). in practice, it hangs at some point during a run of the 4000 sites. it currently needs more debugging.
  • hallvord: compatipede 2, one of the differences is it's on node.js, rather than python (v1). it runs remotely. the cool thing is that you can request different rendering engines (slimer vs phantom) and run JS against those. i've tried to stress test a bit, but the server has been up and down. it hangs a bit more often than compatipede 1. it needs some considerable debugging and some kind of daemon to kick it when it gets stuck. needs to be open source.
  • hallvord: i've been developing on my own some slimerjs scripts that run through sites and power it wouldn't be too much work to develop this further into screenshots, etc.
  • mike: what is the main point of compatipede? what are we using it for?
  • hallvord: i'd like to have a service that can pick up URLs from bugzilla, github, etc., take screenshots, comment on bugs. that's the place i would like us to get to. a certain amount of automated analysis.
  • mike: so currently nothing depends
  • ACTION: hallvord to email seif and connor about compatipede 2.
  • ACTION: mike to organize a meeting with lawrence and hallvord about compatipede and the needs or not for platform.

UA override server (karl)

The UA override server is not synching with the list since I-do-not-know.

  • karl: How do we prevent this problem from regressing again?
  • brad: You probably want to add a manual test for QA to check on each release.
  • ACTION: Karl to send an email about ua overrides to compat list.

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