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Q3 Goals Planning (mike)

What should we be focusing on in Q3, as a team and individually?

  • karl: From what we decided in Portland, we didn't achieve a lot of the targets and milestones we set (for Maybe we need to figure out if we were too ambitious, or reset the milestones.
  • mike: Identify which milestones from we will take care of in Q3.
  • karl: They have already dates. Let's go through in Whistler.
  • mike: Hallvord left. We need plans with our regression tools.
  • hallvord: Trying to push forward the data database and make it more useful in some ways.
  • mike: it's a huge project, so we need to define a bite-sized task. We might want also to add on how to define non standard spec.

Whistler Agenda Planning (mike)

Probably time to pull this together. ^_^

  • WhistlerSchedule:
  • WebCompatWorkWeek:
  • LightningTalks: Wednesday 9am, Platform Lightning Talks <>
  • mike: We will try to talk with Daniel Holbert about CSS Web Compatibility and Unprefixing services. We start to have a discussion in WebCompat on having the list open to all sites.
  • karl: I would love we get a look at JavaScript stuff too, such as WebKit and innerText, etc.
  • mike: I think we should have a meeting with some of the standards folks too, to discuss how to standardize these non-standard properties. In Portland, we started the discussion. If nobody wants to write a specification we could maybe propose to write.
  • karl: I would be happy to help
  • mike: We had a brief conversation with some of the people who are in charge, and definitely there was a buy-in. We need to find people to implement.
  • Abdul: I would like to talk about outreach in terms of
  • mike: good idea. There will be a participation workshop. And Daniel will be there too.
  • karl: I would love that we re-start hacking on We should put our hands in the dirty code. Fix some stuff. Let's hack on it.
  • mike: Having many hours would be fun and useful.
  • mike: Who should we meet with?
  • karl: Developer Tools. We need to meet with Gerv to get to know him.
  • Hallvord: People in China.
  • karl: Yes. Many people have left.
  • mike: Yeah, we need to figure out who can help us.
  • abdul: l10n people.
  • TODO: Mike e-mail: Gerv, Lawrence for a friendly sit-down.
  • TODO: Karl to meet someone from China. Also, a meeting with Japan.
  • TODO: Abdul to ask l10n people if they can meet with us.
  • TODO: Mike email DevTools, discuss webcompat tools

Heads Up

A lot for work done for Web Site compatibility in Japan.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress