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UA override and Android version number (karl)

Some discussions about potential new and/or changing UA overrides (Bug 826347) sends the Desktop version to B2G. Firefox Android with version number receives the mobile version now. ua-update.json. See also bug 1180543 for other changes.

  • karl: I went through all the b2g current UA overrides we have and was checking which ones we could either change to Fennec (41+) UA (instead of Chrome), for example This way we'll at least show up in the stats of their sites. There are also a few things to close or change. I'll work on that this week or next.
  • mike: It will help us a little bit in terms of stats.

Google properties and Android version number (mike) is busted. 1179532 and 1174784. is busted (but maybe in a slightly OK way?). Do we want to be broken until we fix things on our end, or should we ship overrides and wait on Google?

  • mike: In version 41, we have currently a version number. I just wrote a blog post about that. So far that breaks YouTube. They send us sometimes the wrong version of videos 3gg or VP9. We are overriding in Nightly and we need to uplift in Aurora. gmail is also now broken. We got 4 reports in the last week. We need to fix that.
  • karl: The issue is we get a better looking version of Gmail, but it's mostly busted. For example, you can't read an email. Either we do a UA override and we go back to the ugly version (which is working). If we can fix the nice one that would be the best.
  • abdul: I tested on the basic version (no Android version), it is working well.
  • mike: Yes. I asked hallvord to look at the bug, to have a better understanding of what are the issues.
  • karl: The issue is if we ask them to fix, they will just fix their detection and send us an old version. If it's just a matter of UA sniffing that is wrong, it's easier for them to fix. If it's more than that, the likelihood goes down.
  • karl: On Gecko desktop, using a Chrome UA override I'm having a broken UI because of the webkit CSS. When I click on an email, it works. So try a Nightly build with a Chrome UA override to see how it works.
  • mike: I'll do that. When I broke YouTube, maybe it will be good to let it broken and encourage the media team to fix other things.
  • karl: I may help with YouTube contact.

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