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Goals Status Updates (mike)

Nearly 2/3rds done with Q3 Goals and Goals, let's share how we've been doing with the team.

  • mike: I have been working on the past 2 weeks on image upload. It's a first phase, it will be deployed this week. The next step will be to add a form element to a comment page. Part of that work will be to add an image for issues. It will come in the next couple of weeks. Once everything is in place, we can add drag/drop. And we could have an automatic screenshot upload but maybe next quarter. I have also been working on Spec stuff. I have just finished the CSSMatrix. I will be working on window.orientation.
  • hallvord: I have been doing a lot of triage and webcompat reporting. I look into general issues per site. It is more efficient to look at multiple bugs from one site, such as Facebook. Compatipede is in progress. We are looking at plugins these days. It will be a stepping stone for more functionalities.
  • karl: Cool to be back to a more diverse work. I have done review and testing of Mike's python code. I have also developed python tests and fix code on the /api side. Finished the functional tests for labels, which helped me to dive into Promise. Not sure I get everything yet, but there's progress. I have restarted to handle the backlog for issues. next couple of days: I will probably start writing my article on gradients and how to fix them.

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