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Minutes dev and Process (karl)

Let's keep the process clean and/or revise the process. I have seen a couple of merges without reviews recently.

  • karl: This has been solved a bit by hallvord contributing to the documentation. There will be still things to fix along the way.
  • miketaylr: yes it's better we discuss things before changing them.

Getting webcompat running on Windows (mike)

  • Hallvord: It's not that hard, you just have to remember to add it to your path (via the installer)
  • Mike: Can you leave comments in the bug, I will try to reproduce and write docs.
  • Abdul: I will test on Windows 7 as well. Commit and PR Messages (mike)

Let's try to have issue numbers in commits and "Fixes #NNN. Blah" in PR titles. This will help out the script I'm going to write to automate our CHANGELOG updates (and make the manual entries easier when it fails). example:

Commit: Issue #235. Adds ability to do some part of cool thing. Pull request title: Fixes #235. Adds ability to do meta cool feature thing. '''

  • mike: I'd like to automate. To be easier, the commit number becomes very important. Follow this process.
  • hallvord: Does the contribution guide cover the "fixes nnn" thing for PRs?
  • TODO: mike, check if "fixes number" in PR is documented.

Talk in Japan (karl)

Heads Up: Giving a talk about Web compat on November 15, 2015.

  • karl: Mozilla Japan asked me to speak at an even they're organizing in Tokyo. 200, 250 frontend designers. Asked to speak on the work we've done on Japanese sites, and common problems and how to fix them.

Update on Compat spec junk (mike)


  • mike: I will be attending BlinkCon. They have a special session on the second day on interop. Other browsers vendor are welcome. Daniel Holbert landed things for prefixes, just the naive stuff (not gradients, flexbox). Anne added something to MatchesSelector into the DOM spec. see bugNumber. Roc submitted patches and a proposal spec for innerText. Suggested to submit this to the HTML spec. Boris Bzarky said it should be pushed to other specs.
  • karl: I really wish someone would tackle the max-width problem. There's a growing number of them.

Heads Up

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Web Compatibility Progress