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Needs design triage prioritization (mike)

Hallvord has done a first pass via waffle, let's review it together.

Christmas/New Year season (mike)

some heads-up for avaibility

  • mike: I will be probably be gone next week on Tuesday + Wednesday (and Thurs and Fri are US Holidays), so let's cancel the next weeks meeting
  • hallvord: will be gone most of next week too
  • karl: no plans yet, more on waiting things to happen ;)

Wiki WebCompat (karl)

Gardening needed.

  • karl: just an item to remember to edit the wiki. It's in a dire state. Projects not relevant or up to date with what we are doing now. I will make a pass.

Team Status Board (mike)

  • mike: Let's not forget to add our status on Mondays.

B2G/Firefox OS compat bugs (mike)

We're not going to close these, but for now we should not be actively working on them.

  • mike: We are not gonna closed them, but we will lower the priority in handling them. We can support the community to do outreach if the community exists.
  • karl: They will not release any version anymore?
  • mike: not sure, 2.6 seems at work, but not released through Operators channels. Flashing possible
  • karl: I'm thinking about the Webkit work done. It would be very cool if it could land on a version of Firefox OS.
  • mike: The thing will land somewhere but not on devices of people who bought them from operators, except if they flash it themselves. The 2.6 release is weeks away, and the WebKit stuff is months away.
  • karl: What do we do with the b2g ua override list?
  • mike: we just leave it alone.

Next annual work week (mike)

Where should our next team meeting be if any?

  • mike: Working week for WebCompat team, if any, a possibility to go to Taipei. In the Future, not really defined yet.

Heads Up


Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress