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Catch up (miketaylr)

Let's catch up and share what we've been working on lately.

  • mike: we had a meeting two weeks ago, but we didn't have good minutes. It's why I added APZ to the agenda.

APZ evangelism (miketaylr)

To discuss: APZ bugs list / APZ documentation

  • mike: There is a list of 10-12 issues on bugzilla about APZ. This is a big issue for Firefox desktop. It's a big priority with add-ons too. It would be cool Karl if you could look at it. kats said he and his team are very happy to answer any questions we might have. Quality is probably the most important thing for the desktop. This is a quality issue.
  • karl: understood.
  • haseeb: I have gone through all the APZ bugs, and I'm not sure which ones should I reach out. We should have whiteboard keywords for knowing the ones which I should reach out.
  • mike: if it's not clear, we need to figure out. We can set contactready for all of these. We may not have contacts information.
  • karl: needscontact -> contactready -> hopefully sitewait. Please leave a comment saying you are working on it.
  • mike: These are really bad on macosx retina screen.

WebCompat Wiki (karl)

Shall we transfer the generic content (meetings, project structure, etc) on the wiki from Mobile to Compatibility?

  • karl: it's a very light discussion topic. we're still using the mobile space -- there's a lot of things that are outdated. it's a bit misleading. i was proposing to move it to /Compatibility to be more general. Take it as an opportunity to do a bit more gardening, reflecting on how to better explain the project.
  • mike: +1. I had lunch with nick nguyen and he mentioned that we were very important to Desktop, so we're not just a mobile crew (in theory). We are not enough.

WebkitCSS test and close (karl)

Should we test and close (when possible) these bugs with the webkitcss whiteboard keyword?

  • karl: Do we close these bugs?
  • mike: If it's working in nightly, let's close them. Let's test them on Firefox Android, even the ones reported for Firefox OS.

Firefox OS Tier 3 (miketaylr)

We're no longer working on compat bugs for Firefox OS -- even TV. We won't close them, of course.

  • mike: there were two emails. One public, and one private. Both said the same thing. Platform is not working anymore on Firefox OS bugs. We should lower our priority about the Firefox OS bugs. Other teams are in charge. This includes TV devices. We don't close them, but the community is welcome to work on them. Some Firefox OS bugs can probably be mutated to Firefox Android for testing. We had moved in this direction, this is official.
  • karl: on the other hand, it's good for us because it helps us to focus our efforts on Firefox for Android and desktop. And there are still issues that are valid, because they're issues for Gecko. It's a pity that Firefox OS didn't succeed as expected, but for us it's an opportunity to refocus.

Heads Up

Karl is back in business after 2 weeks off.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress