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Compatipede runs for Fennec team (Mike)

:kar has asked us to do some runs of global Alexa Top 1000 with a few constraints. To discuss.

  • mike: I talked about compatipede.
  • hallvord: we haven't published that much about compatipede.
  • mike: Karen was interested by having a top 1000 in USA or Global to see if there were differences.
  • mike: I was curious if it's possible to do this now, and what the results would look like.
  • hallvord: I had a discussion with Conor just now to clarify some things for me. The way we're going to do this, there's one big database of URLs (called "campaigns"), which generates "jobs" from campaigns. There's a process that runs through the jobs and posts results back to campaigns. There's one big table of URLs, we can push Alexa top 1000 into that. There's some code that syncs this with GitHub (each time it's run it will add new campaigns based on new issues, it will also mark campaigns as closed if the corresponding GitHub issues are closed, and they will be ignored for future test runs). The easiest way might be to add a "tag" field to campaigns, for example tag some campaigns "alexa-1000" - that way we can generate a report from the latest test run.
  • karl: One issue to keep in the back of our minds, top Alexa is domain names not websites. See this!topic/mozilla.compatibility/MIwFu1rXSxE
  • hallvord: If I have the raw list of data we can experiment with adding www, etc. to get the real sites. I was thinking the next step is to write a script to import lists from
  • mike: And once we have all this data, we just create a report from the db presumably?
  • hallvord: CouchDb can generate reports pretty easily, it's maybe useful. Or we can write custom report it.
  • hallvord: I will look into the image diffing functionality, possibly make it part of the report.
  • hallvord: It might be interesting at one point to have different databases, rather than have everything all in a single db.

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