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Wipe Out User Agent (UA) Overrides

User Agent (UA) overrides is to be a short lived solution until the Web content is fixed to recognize B2G as mobile or the site has been fixed to modern methods.


This goal of this project is to drive the B2G UA override list to zero.


The scope of this project is all sites listed on the UA override list. This list is also available in Bugzilla.

The sites for which UA overrides have been added have each been smoke tested to ensure that they are functional. The request of these sites is simply to recognize the B2G UA as mobile, preferably by recognizing the "Mobi" token in the UA.


A report will be done by mid-March 2014.


Communication Type Mechanism Audience
UA override list Mozilla Central source file, Bugzilla bugs All

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Progress Reports

  • reports go here


Project Management Lawrence Mandel
Partner Outreach Karl Dubost
Tooling Hallvord Steen


Updating the UA override list

Since the end of 2013, the UA override list is managed dynamically on the server side. @@Insert here the relevant bugs and documentation@@

Once a bug has been resolved it is necessary to update the ua-override list on the Mozilla Central. It is possible to make one pull request for a few ua strings override at the same time.

For the following instructions, you are expected to have

  1. A working knowledge of hg
  2. A Mozilla bugzilla account


  1. Install Mercurial (10 minutes)
  2. Get Mozilla Source Code Using Mercurial with hg clone mozilla-central (A lot of times: 2.3 GB to transfer)
  3. If it's your first time with Mercurial: ./mach mercurial-setup will save you a lot of time for configuration and be ready to work with Mozilla environment.

Updating the UA override list

  1. cd /your/path/mozilla-central
  2. hg status
  3. hg qpop -a
  4. hg pull -u
  5. cd b2g/app
  6. Check the Remove UA override bug, you are working with to find the list of domains to remove.
  7. Edit the UA override
  8. Be sure that all the domains you are removing are actually closed bugs on the bug dependency list.
  9. Create a new patch. For example: hg qnew ua-override-bug965060.patch
  10. Add as an attachment the patch to the bug (for example Bug 965060). The patch is avalaible in mozilla-central/.hg/patches/.
  11. Ask for review of your code r? lmandel
  12. Once the patch got a r+, add the keyword checkin-needed
  13. Once it is in. The committer will close the bug.

UA Override List


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