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User Agent Detection Libraries

This is a list of User Agent detection libraries to be tested for compatibility with Firefox OS and Firefox for Android. This may also include general purpose JS libraries that include some kind of UA detection.

The end goal is to contact these sites or (even better, in the case of open source libraries) provide patches so our mobile browsers are correctly identified as mobile (and not served desktop content or blocked outright).

NOTE: This page won't be actively updated anymore. You can watch the meta bug, or track progress at

UA strings to test with:

Firefox Mobile for Android:

  • Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Mobile; rv:24.0) Gecko/24.0 Firefox/24.0

Firefox OS phones:

  • Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:18.0) Gecko/18.0 Firefox/18.0

Firefox OS tablets:

  • Mozilla/5.0 (Tablet; rv:29.0) Gecko/29.0 Firefox/29.0

Some known Firefox OS UA strings with device ids (found in

  • Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; ZTEOPEN; rv:18.1) Gecko/18.1 Firefox/18.1
  • Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; HUAWEIY300-F1; rv:18.1) Gecko/18.1 Firefox/18.1
  • Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; LG-D300; rv:18.1) Gecko/18.1 Firefox/18.1
  • Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; ALCATELOneTouch4012X; rv:18.1) Gecko/18.1 Firefox/18.1

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