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General info

  • Participants: Wilson, Francisco Maria

Sprint objectives

The goals of this sprint are:

  • Research: Work in the assumptions/hypotheses document and it will be reviewed by the team on during our Weekly meeting
  • Be able to have downloadable builds (not finished in sprint 1) and polish the clients as many tasks/issues have been detected when they were developed during last sprint.
    • It would be also great start trying with URLs and start setting common use cases for the London office (specially for visitors) and London All Hands. (E.g. wifi credentials, sonos, coffee machine, irc, vidyo, fxos android, pin pon, whiteboard...)

Tasks or Bugs committed for this sprint

Task Assigned Status Status Notes
Fill readme for contributors Maria Done Info added in the Magnet github project and in Magnet github wiki
Provide downloadable builds for Android Sam Done You can download the latest version of the Magnet client (app-release.apk) for Android at our GitHub Releases page
Provide downloadable builds for iOS Francisco Done We are able to generare iOS builds via Test Flight but as there are some restrictions to distribute iOS applications outside of Apple Marketplace we have decided not to share them and use them internally.
Serve London Sonos oembed Francisco Ongoing Moved to Sprint 3
Investigate Testfairy for android Isabel Ongoing Moved to sprint 3
Add different app statuses (scanning, not scanning, no results, etc.) Wilson Done Github issue #55
Support embeds of variable height Wilson Done Github issue #48
Add support for mdns in iOS Wilson Done Github issue #32
Add a initial test-suite Wilson Done Github issue #5
Create magnet-client project, and leave magnet project for documentation Sam Done
Restrict to portrait orientation Francisco Done Github issue #51
Change ios status bar type Francisco Done Github issue #66
Talk with Michael Henretty to involve community Francisco Done
JavaScript test suite Sam Done Github issue #5

Issues during this sprint

  • Although we are able to generare iOS builds via Test Flight there are some restrictions to distribute iOS applications outside of Apple Marketplace so we have decided not to share them.
  • After our first exercise, we narrowed down to targeting personal beacon (as opposed to businesses) use as people who are interested in personal beacons are already motivated to use them (as opposed to convincing small businesses to use something new).
    • We also narrowed down to conference goers as we felt this venue would have a higher number of use cases for beacon use (both personal and conference related).
    • We specifically choose presenters because they would be most motivated (of conference goers) to use a personal beacon to self-promote.
  • Hypotheses: We believe that broadcasting professional content (e.g. professional websites, contact info, twitter, etc) for conference presenters will help presenters promote themselves more easily than current methods.
  • Francisco contacted to activity stream team and a meeting has been scheduled with them for technical advice
  • Legal bug created for trademark clearance search (Bug 1271592)



Actions taken from last sprint

  • [AP Maria] post the demos to Discourse team and also send a mail to CD team Done
  • [AP Maria] involve Michael Henrrety and the community (as soon as we have the build releases available and the info in the Readme of github explains the project and the process to generate/download builds and configure beacons) Done
  • [AP Maria] Include the summarize of the project in the Video demo google doc for the London All Hands and contact Rainer Cvillink to start working on it. Done
  • [AP Maria/Francisco] Have a look at the available beacons from the provider suggested by Scott Jenson to see what to purchase. Done

Things that went well

  • The apps are looking better, getting shape
  • A lot of work done, almost everything committed was done
  • We are opening to the community, updating the github project with a lot of info so more people will be able to test and contribute to our repo, in fact we already have our first contributor!!!
  • Activity stream team contacted.

Things that went not that well

  • long reviews ;)
  • Sometimes it's confusing or hard to align the User Research with the work we are already doing in the app.
    • We need to think about the Check in with Ari, Faramarz, Betrand and how to focus the deck. When Magnet passed Gate0, the team was asked to work in several use cases at London office space, now the Research is being narrowed to other areas as Conferences.
    • [Team comments] Perhaps the check in is the best time to raise this and ask for guidance/advice to them. The adapters for twitter, fb, sched, sono... could be used also for the conference and are part of the use cases already commited with the Innovation Board.

Actions for this sprint