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This is an archived version of the Wiki for the SensorWeb Phase 1 prototype. For the current project status, please see: Connected Devices/Projects/SensorWeb

SensorWeb wants to advance Mozilla’s mission to promote the open web when it evolves to the physical world. It aims to find the easiest path from sensors to open data so contributors can collaboratively use sensors to get great detail of understanding their living environment. We are launching a pilot project to build a crowdsourcing pm2.5 sensor network.

We picked one use case to be our pilot project and would like to invite everyone who shares the same passion to contribute, whether you are a developer, a blogger, or simply want to help. If you would like to participate, you can get in touch with our connected devices participation team immediately, or contact our development team below.

Project overview

SensorWeb is a blueprint to enable many hyper local uses cases and make sure everyone gets to access that data. It can be the real-time air quality of their neighboring street, the current wait time at their favorite cafe, water quality from rivers close to the village, etc.

Today, we all use the web to access information generated by people. SensorWeb envisions a future of web that everyone freely shares and accesses real-time sensor data for better understanding of our living environment. Contributors can find a problem they want to solve with sensors and easily publish the sensor data on the web as they do with the web pages today. When a web user searches for information online, they will be presented with the relevant real-time data published by a sensor, or insights from analyzing hundreds or thousands of sensor data.


Pilot project

We are working on a pilot project to build a crowdsourced PM2.5 air pollution sensor network. PM2.5 air pollution is a growing problem that affects many parts of the world. Government around the world are asked to publish open data of PM2.5 index from their monitoring stations. However, government and companies can only set up so many stations. As a result, people can not obtain meaningful insights from the data. For instance, we will not be able to know when the air is bad in our neighborhood due to a nearby construction site as the government data tells us the city has a healthy number of PM2.5. We also will not know if our office has worse air quality compared to outside air or that the route and the time we choose to do our daily run is very bad for our health. We have access to numbers, but they are not meaningful as it does not link to our day to day life.

Project status

You can check the meta bug SensorWeb Prototype for Post-Gate 0 to see our progress. And this is the bug list for Post-Gate 0. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the contact info. High-level view of per-sprint planning is on SensorWeb Trello

Milestone Date Status Links
Gate 0 approval 2016.2.22 Done
1st sprint demo: pre-alpha SensorWeb portal - 2016.3.25 Done
2nd sprint demo: Built device registration & management portal 2016.4.8 Done
3rd sprint demo: MVP 2016.4.24 Done

Our First User: Ping Sing Elementary School 2016.4.26 Done
Technical review 2016.4.29 Done
4th sprint demo & update in product innovation board 2016.5.4 Done
Showcase in 2016 Maker Faire Taipei ( 2016.5.7 Done
5th sprint demo 2016.5.20 Done

Recorded Video: Slides:

6th and 7th sprint report 2016.7.04 DONE

8th sprint report 2016.7.19 DONE

Experiment#1 (poster) 2016.7.29 In Progress

2016 Q3 Experiments in Taipei (Chinese)

Prototype Created in 2016 Q2 (English)

How to contribute

The project is in early stage, we are still building the prototype. We will release it as soon as possible. The good first step to contribute SensorWeb is sharing your ideas of solving problems of smart city/country with SensorWeb. Please share the ideas in Bug 1255684. Thanks.

Source code

Issue tracker

Meeting minutes

Check out our etherpad for meeting minutes and plans.

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