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Program Status Notes
Project Vaani Validation (Lindsay/Sandip) On Target
  • We have been Working on contacting non Mozilla users for User testing of the device
    • If you know someone who might be a match, please send them this email or send us their email and we are happy to take it from there.
  • Digital shopping trends-Literature review
    • Millennial shoppers said that compiling a list of needed items simplifies ordering through an online grocer, and more than half say having a list allows someone else to assist with the shopping
    • 42% of cooks with smartphones are using their phones in store to access their lists as they shop.
    • 60% of Millennials rely on phones as their preferred method for guiding grocery purchases.
  • Please see the bi weekly update deck for the results of our recent survey.
    • Participants: 170 respondents, 25-44 years old
    • Validating Problem space
    • 99% participants create shopping lists (60% every time)
    • 50% use smartphone apps, 42% pen/paper, 7% voice apps
    • Notes
      • Pen and paper: forgetting it at home, losing it
      • Smartphone app: cumbersome, boring, annoying, time consuming to make list; phone battery, connection issues
      • 90% of participants think an easier way to make shopping list is helpful or very helpful
  • Hardware Risks
    • Right not the mic in the hardware is not picking up the voice how it should
    • The volume coming from the device is lower than expected
  • Mitigations
    • The team is working toward a solution that will allow the quality of the product be up to user standards
Project Cue Validation Stage (Julie/Preeti) On Target

An always-on voice-enabled smart screen device to keep track of the activities, events, and to-do lists of family members. Initial focus for the prototype is on Reminders only.

Assumptions (Leap of Faith)

  • We believe that busy families are looking for an alternative solution other than what they currently use (memory, post-its, blackboards, calendar apps etc.) to manage & organize their schedule
  • We believe that VOICE is a friction free way to create reminders, lists, coordinate schedules.
  • We believe that busy families would require an alternative way to create & manage reminders, lists & schedules using a SMART DISPLAY that would further simplify their management.

Study Results

  • Study proved the assumptions related to voice
    • All participants agreed voice was great way to set reminders
    • Reduced time to create reminders by ave. of 77% and peak savings of 91% for one participant
    • Gathered feedback on speech patterns and how people would like to interact the device
  • Couldn’t validate hypothesis related to smart display. Smart display device wasn't included in the study.

Next Steps

  • Team received approval of its MVP for a smart display device with reminder functionality and will create a working device to hand it off to 10 customers to gather input.
  • Currently evaluating the use of a tablet vs. custom built device. Looking into "always on" capability and trying to solve for that. Also looking for quick way to get devices ready for study participants.
  • Based on results from last study, want to test additional improvements, functionality:
    • Provide a setup process
    • Ability to create reminders for specific family members
    • Ability to send reminders to specific family members
    • Ability to edit and delete the reminders
    • Ability to request details of an upcoming reminder.
    • Improve speech patterns
  • Conducting a Wizard of Oz style study to gain insights into how people coordinate simple events
  • Working on identifying potential customers who can be used in focus groups and/or for testing
    • Creating a landing page for Cue
    • Creating a video to host on the landing page that will explain what Cue is
    • Creating a FaceBook campaign that will drive traffic to the landing page
Project Haiku Maria/Liz On Target

We have been working on 2 ideas for a wearable device that lights up/buzzes when people I care about are available.

  • Idea 1 is a device that lets me set/unset my status for my friends to see.
  • Idea 2 is a device that lets me request the current status of my friends - my friends can then send back an auto-reply that means "Busy now, txt you later."

On Wednesday, we'll have results from our survey to learn about

  • How many people are considered "priority people"? (both ideas)
  • What are the types of auto-replies people would need to make this device valuable to them? (idea 2)

We've created an HTML client to explore (and test) interactions and animations. Runs locally for now. Survey results will be used to refine that.

Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • Ongoing experiment (
    • In previous weeks we have a few hundreds of clicks and get rough conversion rate (on subscription and referral). Please expect a few days for us to format and get accurate number. For now it's looking positive in terms of users' interest in data consumption.
    • Meanwhile also expanding to get more clicks so that the data is more representative
  • Next steps
    • Clear legal gate for “user interview” and new MVP (website)
    • Sharing Lean Startup training with the team and apply the framework
    • Follow up measurement, analytic on the current experiment
Project Tablet Ben On Target
  • Market research - COMPLETE
  • Prototype - COMPLETE
  • Survey - COMPLETE (749 responses)
  • User interviews - COMPLETE (7 participants)
  • Results will be presented to the Product Innovation Board tomorrow (3rd August)
Project Smart Kitchen Tamara/Nicole On Target
  • Experiments in Progress
    • Prototype Device
      • One unit handed out 7/29. It's taking pictures and interacting with user fine. Mostly "food" at this point
      • Other two to be handed out today.
      • Planning to increase the training on Friday to include some of the top 5 items that our 3 testers have in their kitchens on a regular basis.
    • Facebook Ad
      • We ran several attempts with varying photos, messages. Essentially, a photo on the right side with a link to SurveyGizmo survey with one question as CTA. No personal information collected to avoid privacy/legal issues.
      • We only received 3 people responding to the survey. The placement of the ad on the right side may be a problem.
      • Next steps are 1) Pay for responses with SurveyGizmo and 2) Investigate creating a Facebook page so that we can be in the news feed.
    • Concept Video
      • Candice/Nicole worked with Ranier to shoot a video last week.
      • Currently in post-production and expecting a first cut sometime this week.
      • Will most likely be uploading video on Youtube and Surveygizmo
    • Analyst mentions
      • Received a positive writeup in
      • Blog Post written and currently being reviewed by Porfirio for posting on blog.
  • Update with PIB Tomorrow
  • Press Releases:
Project Smart Display Joe On Target
  • In the past week, interviewed with 4 more subject matter experts and 9 individuals with a mix of non-tech savvy, early adopters and extreme users in 8 households
  • The research was designed to be broad in fundamentally understanding people's life at home with the below activities and purposes
    • Tour of their homes
    • Exercise with stickers and words to help guiding the conversation
    • What home is like now
    • What are the challenges
    • What is their ideal home
    • How technology can help them
  • Some emerging themes
    • de-cluttering
    • keep things organized
    • nudge me, make me better
    • spend more time with family
    • get unplugged
    • cooking / recipe
    • memories
    • kitchen seems to be the place people wants a display
    • dedicated devices
  • Will synthesis this week and have a sense of where we are heading next week
Project Magnet Maria/Francisco On Target
  • Most of the team attended to the Lean Start Up training last week, we are now working in the refining the assumptions/hypotheses to try to run smaller experiments before the View Source
  • Viewsource experiment
    • Proposed use cases/experiments focused on the "discovery":
      • Schedule discovery has been proposed as the primary experiment: Attendees would be able to open up the application and see what is happening around them. Since the View Source is mainly a one track conference, the big benefit would be seen during the Discussion Corners as attendees wander through the event space.
      • Secondary experiment: broadcasting information about the presenters. Ideally it would be related to the event in some way, such as their internet-accessible presentation or some sort of biography page. This way attendees would not only see who is presenting now, but would get a quick way to learn more about the presenter or see their presentation.
    • We are working on the application to have the minimum features to run the View Source experiment and upload the applications in the stores:
      • Expand and swipe features have been removed in that branch
      • More simple UI
      • Settings menu has been added (about Magnet, T&C, Privacy Policy and Feedback)
      • Basic Notifications landed in iOS and Android (some videos demos are included in the links) and will be included in the MVP
    • We are working also in a landing page.
    • The Application should be on the stores at the beginning of September (planing and milestones spreadsheet) project name was agreed with Marketing and Legal team and we are in the process of creating the accounts. It's not going to be possible to have an organization account so the account have to be individual for the project.
Participation Update Michael/Brian On Target
Other Announcements / Questions -- --