Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-09-15

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Program Status Notes
Project Haiku (taking in Project Smart Display) Mahe/Liz/Joe On Target

Project Haiku has been exploring a wearable device for girls aged 12-15. At the same time, Project Smart Displays has also been exploring the space of human connection. They've arrived at a product opportunity for a stationary object that connects family members who live apart from one another.

Because these 2 projects are working in a similar space, we've decided to merge them under the Project Haiku name. So Project Haiku is pivoting away from a wearable to a stationary object that resides inside the home. We'll use the Smart Display work as the jumping point for our pivot.

We're focusing the Smart Displays work into a refined product plan and will present next Tuesday to the leadership team.

Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • Team is working to define product and hardware plan by Oct 1.
  • Completed development kit evaluation and decided on linus boards with Cortex A5 processor.
  • Between 09/23 and 10/21, the marketing team will be doing UX interviews.
  • Go-to-Market communication launch moved from 9/23 to 10/21.
  • UX on track to provide wireframes for out of box user journey by EOW.
  • Project Goals:
    • Evidence from the experiments to show the consumer needs. (consumer service)
    • Defined product (kit) to be prototyped by partner (hardware solution)
Project Magnet Maria/Francisco On Target

Hypothesis 1: If we broadcast schedule content, then spur-of-the-moment attendees can quickly and confidently choose how to spend their time Experiment#1 in View Source: Use beacons at an event to broadcast room status. Using the aforementioned survey, use targeted interviews for floaters post View Source to see if Magnet helped them make decisions in the moment and if it was easier and faster than their usual methods.

Hypothesis 2: If attendees broadcast their social profiles, then social interaction will increase Experiment 2 in View Source - Beacon give-away: We'll provide beacons to the first people that go to our booth showing that they have installed the app, help them to configure it and follow up with the them if that increased the number of interactions that they had during the conference and other possible uses.

  • Warn welcome in the Viewsource
  • We have started to create the reports and analyze the metrics. First figures during these last 3 days (File:View Source Metrics 1st version Sept12th-Sept14th.pdf)
    • Installations: 114 (60,5% in Android and 39,5% in iOS)
    • App Launches: 470
    • Total Number of clicks: 361
    • Survey will be sent this week

Product definition

  • We have started to work on the plan, focusing on the Museums/Galleries use case
Research Team Lindsay On Target
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Participation Update Michael/Brian On Target
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Market Developments Update Irina
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