Connected Devices Weekly Update/2017-01-19

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Program Passed Gate Status Notes
Project Sensor Web David/Julie Gate 1 On Target


  • User stories based on planning discussions were written, with a priority placed on those for the service beta and developer offering. This work will be completed in the next three sprints so that the SensorWeb site is pre-populated with Taiwan air quality data and the SDK ready to go by March 1.
  • UX design requirements were discussed and refined, with focus on those for "Favorites".
  • Sprint 6 (Jan. 18-27) planning was completed yesterday. This sprint will focus on the user actions around "Favorites" and will finish up some of the work already started on what information is displayed on the map and for any selected sensor.
  • Facebook auth flow developed and tests are passing.
  • Looking into 3 levels of access for developers
    • Read everyone's data
    • Read all; modify own data
    • Read and modify private data (others can't read)
  • Making progress on firmware, OTA, back-end cloud services.
  • Looking into how to import the data for the beta service.
  • Dev boards shipments to team members are arriving.

Beta Service/Developer Offering (March 1)

  • Q1 marketing plan is being being developed.
  • Developer focused. Providing SDK, code samples, documentation
  • It will comprise a web site / app that is populated with 3rd party air quality data for Taiwan
  • Implements a subset of the sensorthings API to provide the ability to Put & Get data
  • Keys for developers will be manually generated


  • Preparing new MSA with hardware vendor which will describe a schedule of remaining engineering and manufacturing work.
  • Approval for funding is pending.

SensorWeb Timeline.png

Platform and Tools Sandip/Mahe N/A On Target
  • Reviewed Platform Team OKRs with leadership team
  • Secure Communication Spike
    • Architecture and approach being discussed
    • Team to put together 2-3 approaches
    • Meet with Mozilla Security team to verify solution assumptions and go ahead with best approach
  • Gateway Spike
    • Reviewed Project Link technical overview to gauge code re-usability
    • Discussing implementation architecture
  • Working on polishing and refining white paper and make it available by Jan 30th after extended team reviews
Project Magnet Wilson/Maria Gate 1 On Target

Magnet ProgramTimeline afterGate1.png


  • UX Wireframes (first Iteration): 20/01/2017
  • Visual Design of the app finished: 24/02/2017
  • Street Art content included in the Metadata Server: March 31
  • Beta version of the application ready in the stores: March 31
  • Marketing campaign launched: during April 2017

Planning Tasks

  • Many planning activities during this week. Meetings held and scheduled with marketing, legal, visual to plan Q1 work focused on the beta version of the app targeted for March 31st.
  • Clarifying the Statement of Work for the Visual work and also for the content to be included in the London Street Art campaign

Team updates

  • Liz is joining the team to help us with the content strategy
  • Mihaela will also help us to plan a Usability Testing

Engineering Tasks

  • Sprint 10 (January 9th - January 20th) is finishing this week
    • Backend: Static API to serve jsons for the list view and each story view, Dockerization for dev/test/prod environment
    • Client/Frontend: Bootstrap new react-native app, API and development of some React Components (Magnetometer implementation for arrow direction, Location Services, Map View, Remote Audio Player...)
  • Scheduled next Sprint Planning tomorrow so we will start working on it next week
Lighthouse Preeti/Julie Gate 1 On Target

Sprint 2 (January 18-31)

  • Finalized and reviewed with the team the PRD and UX Specs
  • Completed sprint planning
  • Includes porting the prototype functions into app, continuing work on image capture and matching

Product Update

  • Began discussions about desired industrial design for device
  • Continued marketing work for mobile app launch
    • Activities around getting app into TestFlight
    • Identification of marketing channel(s)
    • Product description
    • Channel identification - created a list of Blind Center Contacts in California/other locations
  • Held Legal Review and identified deliverables (hold review of app, write terms, privacy notice)


  • Will hold more formal planning sessions next week to build out a more complete plan and schedule
Participation Update Michael/Brian N/A On Target
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Market Developments Update Irina N/A
  • Bulleted list item
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