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Crash Reporting Status 2021

Every month, the coordinator will send out an email asking for status updates from teams/projects working on crash reporting things. The prompts:

  • What's your team/project?
  • What did you accomplish? (Descriptions, bug numbers, etc)
  • What are you working on now or think you'll have done this month? (Descriptions, bug numbers, etc)
  • What do you need help with?
  • What are you concerned about?
  • What else do you think is helpful for everyone to know?

Keep in mind this is a public list, so if you're working on confidential/NDA/security-sensitive things, this status update isn't the place for that.

Updates will get compiled into a newsletter and sent to lists.

Crash Reporting Headlines (April 7th, 2021)

Quick summary

  • Started Crash Reporting Working Group
    • We started a Crash Reporting Working Group to coordinate crash reporting, ingestion, and analysis work. If you're interested in participating or lurking, we've got a mailing list (crash-reporting-wg) and a Matrix channel (#crashreporting)
    • Socorro: Ended collection of Email address data.
      • Firefox 89+ no longer sends Email address data in crash reports.
      • Email data is dropped at collection for all crash reports.
    • Socorro: Ended collection of Fennec crash reports.
    • Tecken: We need help testing new symbolication API microservice.



  • Crash Stats: Improved preview in Slack/Matrix for crash report view urls and signature report view urls.
  • Socorro: End collection of Email data in crash reports.
    • I changed the collector to delete Email data for all incoming crash reports. I fixed the Firefox main and content crash reporter client code. I still have some changes to make in the webapp, but I'm waiting until May 2021 to do that.
    • Many thanks to Emily, Nneka, Gabriele, Mike, and Chris for their help with this!
  • Socorro: End collection of crash reports for Fennec
    • When working on ending collection of Email data, it came up that we don't need Fennec crash reports anymore. Thus Socorro now rejects all incoming crash reports for Fennec.
    • Many thanks to Emily, Stefan, Vesta, and Agi!
  • Crash Stats: Fixed the webapp to automatically update the PCI device db once a week.
  • Crash stats: Redid "Raw data and minidumps" tab in crash report view.
    • The Crash Stats ui is confusing and clunky and I've been trying to fix bits of it over time. In this pass, I improved the tab that holds links to raw and processed crash data, minidumps, and the output of minidump-stackwalk. It should be clearer now as to what's protected data and what isn't. The links are at the top of the tab where they're easier to access. The minidump-stackwalk output is much easier to manipulate and use.
  • Tecken: New symbolication API microservices

In progress