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(This is a draft. Fleshing this out as we speak.)

Quick summary

This working group is governed by Mozilla's code of conduct and etiquette guidelines. For more details, please read the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.


The Crash Reporting Working Group collects individuals working on crash reporting and crash data related infrastructure at Mozilla so as to coordinate and align work across groups, identify and address issues related to crash reporting and crash data, and maintain the vision and strategy for crash reporting at Mozilla.


  1. Build and maintain the strategic vision for crash reporting to support Mozilla products.
  2. Coordinate work towards the strategic vision, organization priorities, engineering initiatives, and stakeholder needs.
  3. Coordinate and align research and experimentation with new approaches to advance the state of our crash reporting technology.
  4. Centralize support funnel for stakeholders and users of crash reporting and crash data. Adding new annotations, protected data access, debugging crashes, supporting new products, supporting new platforms, data analysis, crashiness metrics, etc.
  5. Centralize engineering communication channels.
  6. Coordinate data stewardship. Lean data practices, risk vs. value, etc.
  7. Coordinate documenting efforts. Things like data lineage, tools, and processes. User docs, analysis docs, developer docs. Where documentation lives and how to find it.
  8. Capture, archive, and make searchable historical knowledge especially architecture decisions and events.
  9. Communicate announcements and updates about ongoing initiatives and projects that affect engineers, products, data analysis, etc.
  10. Celebrate and elevate the importance of our work and how it impacts product engineering and product success at Mozilla. Presentations, blog posts, mailing list announcements, etc.
  11. The best stickers.

Non-goals (at this time)

  1. This group will not own things. This group is a coordination venue for individuals and groups who own the modules and work. Future goal might be that this group is reified in some way such that it could own goals, deliverables, modules, etc.
  2. This group will not fix everything. This group will pick and choose feasible tasks over time that move us forward towards the vision as time and resources allow.
  3. This group will not own crash reporting for websites and other non-products. Maybe we could do this especially as the lines between our crash reporting infrastructure and Sentry's blur, but not now.


  • Those who work on crash reporting tooling and infrastructure
  • Those who use and analyze crash data
  • Those who work on stability related work
  • Those who debug crashes


The Crash Reporting Working Group is a public group and we welcome anyone else who's interested in or works on crash reporting and crash data at Mozilla or elsewhere.

To join, subscribe to the mailing list and join the Matrix channel listed above.

Crash reporting projects/teams

Project name Description Contact For Support
Crash Reporting Infrastructure and tools used to generate, submit and process crash reports gsvelto #crashreporting on Matrix
android-components crash library AC crash reporter royang
Socorro / Crash Stats (module) Mozilla's crash ingestion pipeline and tools willkg #crashreporting on Matrix, bugs
Tecken / Mozilla Symbols Server Mozilla's symbols server willkg #crashreporting on Matrix, bugs
dump_syms Debug symbols dumper calixte #crashreporting on Matrix
third-party symbols acquisition and management calixte / gsvelto #crashreporting on Matrix
misc tools for crash analysis marco #crashreporting on Matrix
clouseau Tool to help to find patches which are potentially responsible of a crash calixte #crashreporting on Matrix
spikes Library to detect spikes in data coming from Socorro. calixte #crashreporting on Matrix
crash correlations service marco #crashreporting on Matrix
crashstats-tools Python library for using Crash Stats willkg #crashreporting on Matrix, issues
Firefox profiler Web app for Firefox performance analysis mstange #profiler on Matrix
rust-minidump Rust crate with tools used to process minidumps gankra / gsvelto #crashreporting on Matrix
minidump-writer Rust crate used as a replacement for the Breakpad client libraries gsvelto #crashreporting on Matrix



Initiatives / Work being done

Monthly status rollup

Every month, the coordinator will send out an email asking for status updates from teams/projects working on crash reporting things. The prompts:

  • What's your team/project?
  • What did you accomplish? (Descriptions, bug numbers, etc)
  • What are you working on now or think you'll have done this month? (Descriptions, bug numbers, etc)
  • What do you need help with?
  • Blog posts, articles, conference talks, announcements in the last month?
  • What else do you think is helpful for everyone to know?

Keep in mind this is a public list, so if you're working on confidential/NDA/security-sensitive things, this status update isn't the place for that.

After a few days/week/whatever, updates will get compiled into a newsletter. Use Google Docs for this so individuals can fix issues. Then send to:

  • cross-posted to firefox-dev, stability, and crash-reporting-wg mailing lists
  • Crash Reporting status wiki page
  • TBD: a mobile list
  • TBD: a Data Org list
  • TBD: posted on Data blog