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Quick Reference

Production URL
Development URL
Source code mozilla/glean-dictionary on GitHub
Matrix Channel #glean-dictionary on
Meetings No longer occurring (Glean Dictionary is occasionally discussed in the Glean Platform meetings). For legacy minutes, see: Meeting Notes


The focus of this working group is to produce a usable version of the Glean Dictionary, a data dictionary for applications written using Glean SDK. This includes Firefox for Android and Firefox for iOS. As Firefox on Glean comes together, the Glean Dictionary will also index the metadata sent by Firefox Desktop.

There are currently four planned phases for the project:

  1. (done) Index Glean metric and ping data produced by Glean applications, providing links to their representation in BigQuery
  2. (done) Index derived datasets produced by bigquery-etl, creating generated documentation at bigquery-etl
  3. (done) Add facilities to annotate glean metrics and pings with additional data and commentary useful for data scientists and other data practitioners at Mozilla
  4. (in progress) Represent and link the dataset documentation outlined above in the Glean Dictionary

We are currently discussing what comes after this work is complete. Possible directions include integrations with Mozilla's Looker deploy and better support for Firefox Desktop (as it moves over to Glean).


Glean team, Data science, the Data Taxonomy Effort, other consumers of data.

Getting involved

We welcome your feedback and involvement! We work in the open and anyone from the Mozilla community is welcome to join this group. This project involves a variety of pieces emphasizing different technologies, including:

  • Building out the frontend (JavaScript, svelte)
  • Working on the data infrastructure pieces to gather metadata (python, BigQuery)
  • Improving data documentation and metadata definitions through Mozilla (markdown, yaml, python)

If you want to contribute, but aren't sure where to start, join our #glean-dictionary matrix channel and say hi! Someone can probably find an initial task for you to work on.


There are two primary communication channels for the group:

  • The #glean-dictionary channel on Matrix for quick questions
  • Discussions in GitHub issues for design discussions and all other questions

Generally, discussions in GitHub issues is preferred since it can happen asynchronously and leaves a historical record that we can refer back to. For larger changes, consider writing a proposal (see below).

All project communications should follow the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.


This group is currently being coordinated by Will Lachance (wlach on Github, Matrix, and Mozilla Slack). Feel free to get in touch if you have feedback or questions!


Proposal Date Status
Glean Metric Annotation Repository 22 February 2021 Implemented
Working Group Proposal 20 November 2020 Accepted
Initial Proposal 10 August 2020 Accepted