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Meeting Details

Work Week


  • Firebug
    • Firebug 1.10a6 tomorrow (12 issues fixed)
    • Meeting notes from this week.
    • New: HTTPMonitor component (based on Net panel). Demo for fx-team meeting.
    • Joe integrated Firebug & Dryice (joining all modules into one file should improve Firebug load time). Honza: yet solve "arch" logic path hack.
    • Heather created a patch that applies DOMUtils pseudo-class bug 708874 to Firebug (the patch yet needs to solve 'unlock' problem).
    • MozCampCZ: B2G got a lot of interest
  • Script Debugger
    • TONNE OF STUFF (but not production quality)
    • Chrome debugging
    • remote process debugging
    • demo of mobile debugging by LucasR over ADB
    • UI theme update and shiny icons
    • JSM listing in debugger
    • iframe fix (landed this week)
    • findScript patch landed and backed out, relanding soon
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar
    • Writing a lot of tests.
  • Highlighter
    • First round of feedback from the sidebar initialization changes.
    • Loupe code needs tests, but can land soon.
    • Pseudo-class Lock
  • Style Inspector
  • Style Editor
  • Scratchpad
    • Cedric making an addon of his scratchpad live evaluation code
  • Security Team
    • Investigating and filing bugs for security features for developer tools
    • Update with bug numbers next week.