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Meeting Details


  • Aurora 15 Wrapup
  • Firebug
    • Meeting notes from this week
    • 1.10a10 last week (new options to pick displayed color format + breakpoint groups + auto completion popup keyboard navigation)
    • 1.10a11 tomorrow
    • Support for Cookies + new automated tests included
    • Firebug test-bot working again

  • Script Debugger
    • Landed for aurora 15
    • We've found bugs/regressions on aurora.
    • Fixing them as quickly as they're coming in.
    • New features landed last week:
      • Connection prompt
      • Pausing on exceptions
      • Breakpoints on startup
      • Planned UI fixes all landed.
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar
  • Inspector
    • Preffed on layout view.
    • Landed responsive mode.
    • Rule view changes.
  • Style Editor
    • In-place parsing of stylesheets has landed.
    • Fixes relative url problems in the stylesheet.
  • Web Console
    • Web console async landed.
    • UI/listener separation.
    • Working on error count in the developer toolbar.
    • Perf improvements landed.
    • More perf improvements coming.
  • Security Team
    • Working on blocking mixed content.
    • Need developer tools to show mixed content.
    • Will be showing mixed content in the web content.
    • Working on developer tool support for identifying insecure password fields.
    • Mark and Simon Bennetts looking at the debugger, responsive, and layout views.