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Meeting Info

  • Noon PDT, Hal Wine's Vidyo
  • Next week: 1.30pm PDT ok?

Hot items

  • hg Postmortem Thursday
  • strategies
    • Do we want to carve off half the infra for try? Or order more? Or a mix? laura can get a PO, file bugs, etc.
    • Taras is roping in glandium to help with some of the rearchitecture work.
  • PII

Last week

  • bkero
    • HG Outage
    • Developed some tooling
    • Formalized try bundle repo outline, sought comment in
    • Wrote tooling for debugging using replicated setup
    • Created hgweb metrics dashboard used by nigelb to create his dashboard
  • fubar
    • updated mirror-pull to add retries
    • reviewboard:
      • peep is awesome, RB doesn't play well with it *or* python27
      • setting up admin node
      • get flows, VIPs, NFS set up
  • hwine
  • laura
    • Writing up strategies for hg
    • Running around chasing PII
  • gps
  • erik

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Continue writing try bundle serving
    • Create Dockerfile for replicated hgssh/hgweb setup
    • Plan dashboard to view live hg requests
  • fubar
    • finish RB install
    • DXR build trees
    • oncall
  • hwine
  • laura
    • Get a quote and PO for try/hg hardware
  • gps
  • erik

Other business

PTOs, etc