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Meeting Info

  • Developer Services team meetings occur on Tuesday at 1.30pm Pacific Time. (NOTE NEW TIME)
  • Vidyo: Hal Wine's room
  • IRC backchannel: #vcs

Hot items

  • Org changes (laura)

Last week

  • bkero
  • fubar
    • finished RB deploy, documentation, puppet
    • bmo::infra requests
  • hwine
    • sizing just-for-try hardware bug 1057148
    • (Friday lost to ff32.0b9 beta issues, M-Tu PTO)
  • laura
    • Disaster Recovery discussions - now a topic for arch meeting
    • Moving things around, again

Planned for this week

  • bkero
  • fubar
    • Any fixes from RB testing; nagios monitoring, backups
    • VCS gap analysis ("where we are now") for Releng Arch meeting
    • start rebuilding remaining hgweb heads with new disks?
  • hwine
    • on call
    • more log examination (for sync total time)
    • re-examining MoCo vcs auth use cases (apparently missing some current, plus social coding)
  • laura
    • Ordering more hardware?

Other business

  • Goal review

PTOs, etc

  • bkero, gps, and glandium are in Munich for the hg summit this week (good luck!!!)