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Meeting Info

  • Tuesday 1.30pm PDT
  • hwine's Vidyo room

Hot items

  • BMO password logging issue bug 699449
  • hgweb disk space
  • BMO and AWS

Last week

  • bkero
  • fubar
  • hwine
    • on call only yielded one after hours page on dxr staging
    • have data for total time to sync, need more analysis
    • release week duties took more than expected
  • laura
  • gps
    • Attended Mercurial sprint in Munich

Planned for this week

  • bkero
  • fubar
    • BMO password logging issue
    • VCS gap analysis - "where do we want to be"
    • DXR moar trees
  • hwine
    • publish "during issues" vs "post issues" timing data.
    • rough out some agendas for next week's meetings with James Lai (b2g release engineering)
    • catch up on pending b2g requests for vcs-sync activity
  • laura
  • gps
    • transition to team \o/

Other business

PTOs, etc

  • Skip next week's meeting? hwine, fubar, laura all out. bkero may be out?