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Meeting Info

  • 1.30 pm PDT
  • Hal Wine's vidyo room
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • bug 1086564 - what's needed to close? or what are next steps?

Last week

  • bkero
    • Added initial code for hgweb bundle serving to version-control-tools repository
    • Added, got feedback, improved tests for hg extensions
  • fubar
    • treeherder
      • new prod VMs in use; much python and puppet wrangling
      • all prod VMs in monitoring; only rabbitmq queues missing
      • updated docs
    • reviewboard - puppetized dev; refactoring for dev/stage, much break/fix
    • hg - fix reset scripts to correctly handle pushlog and better manage hgweb resets
    • POODLE - disabled SSLv3 on all dev services sites sans BMO
  • gps
  • hwine
    • misc vcs admin (cvs, alder, vcs-sync)
    • pto
  • laura

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Out in Montana for family business, will be available for urgent work
    • Continuing test writing to upgrade hg version
    • Convert hgweb bundle serving code from cgi -> wsgi
  • fubar
    • treeherder
      • newrelic monitoring; rabbitmq queues in nagios
      • refactor puppet for staging; build staging env
    • reviewboard
      • puppetize staging
      • update docs
  • gps
    • Continue writing Review Board tests and fixing bugs as I go
    • Maybe find time to implement some low-hanging Review Board features
    • Get Sphinx docs and docs publishing in a happier place
    • Add headless try docs to Sphinx
    • Try to start real work on headless try (probably start with pushlog db)
    • Hopefully write blog post about code review foo
    • Hopefully write blog post about Nix
  • hwine
    • finalize 2015 budget estimates for log analysis
  • laura

Other business

  • on call rotation -- cutover at this meeting? (We've been missing updates on wiki.)

PTOs, etc

  • fubar - Vancouver, Nov 2-7, treeherder work week