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Meeting Info

  • 1.30 pm PDT
  • Hal Wine's vidyo room
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!
    • Tinker to Evers to Chance, er no, hwine → bkero

Last week

  • bkero
    • Continued work on hgweb displaying component of try bundles
  • fubar
    • BMO - lots of random tasks, bug fixin
    • treeherder
      • chief irc notifications
      • ongoing celery worker issues; much restarts.
      • started puppet refactoring; many yaks.
    • reviewboard
      • monitoring sorted
      • random bits to finalize prod
  • gps
  • hwine
    • finished 2015 budget work
    • some extra helping out for release 33
    • fun
  • laura
    • being merry in Merry Ole' England, and (rumor has it) especially festive at MozFest!

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • hgweb try bundle displaying work
  • fubar
    • treeherder - try to get staging up for work week
    • reviewboard - any final prod tasks
  • gps
    • Get ReviewBoard launched
    • Add Selenium tests to vct so we can test web site interaction
    • Triage and support ReviewBoard after launch
    • Hopefully find time to work on hgssh upgrade and headless try
  • hwine
    • correlate logs with some recent automation issues for which we have good time spots.
  • laura
    • Fight, AND WIN, the good fight!

Other business

  • TCW this coming Saturday - shouldn't impact us
  • Ready to deploy hgssh bug 1053705
    • this should be minimal impacting, and could be manually timed to fail over at point of no connections
    • Given aggressive release schedule over next 2 weeks, won't attempt until after 33.1 is stable. Then will do "after hours".

PTOs, etc

  • bkero in the air on friday, then EU
  • fubar in YVR Nov 2-7 for treeherder work week, PTO Nov 10
  • gps in Bay Area Oct 31 through Nov 9. Working from SF most likely.